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Red Velvet Seulgi has wanted double eyelids in the past – here’s why

Red Velvet Seulgi has wanted double eyelids in the past – here’s why

Red Velvet Seulgi has revealed that she wanted to get double eyelids in the past for this reason.

Read on to find out more.

Red Velvet Seulgi shares that she prefers to be recognized by the female Idol Juniors

Youtube recently launched on November 7th Yongjin Health Center shared a new episode titled “I Really … I’m Stopping You Because I’m Worried! There is no mention of KwakTube anywhere !!” In this episode, Red Velvet member Seulgi made a guest appearance on the show.

The show is hosted by comedian Lee Yong Jin, next door Street Woman Fighter Gabe star. Both hosts in particular expressed their disappointment with the Red Velvet member for appearing as a guest on the show rather late.

The hosts said, “We’re a little disappointed. You’re here with us only after the show on The star of the neighborhood K2 and Unnies tasteless“.

(Photo: Herold Pop)
Seulgi, Gabee, Lee Yong Jin

Hearing this, Seulgi replies witty, saying that she is the type of celebrity that is difficult to cast so the hosts can treat her well when she appears on the show.

“I’m the type that makes it hard [for entertainment shows]so I think you will treat me well and comfortably, ”said Seulgi.

In response, Lee Yong Jin laughed, saying to Seulgi, “Then everyone in the front must be uncomfortable.”

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Gabee, Lee Yong Jin, Seulgi

(Photo: Herold Pop)
Seulgi, Gabee, Lee Yong Jin

Lee Yong Jin also mentioned that idols like Seulga very much, to which Gabee stated, “She really has a vibe that women really like.”

The MC man then added, “I feel you are a bit too cold for the men to approach you. I feel like you are building an iron wall. “

Hearing this, Seulgi expressed surprise and shared that it was very difficult to approach her when she was young due to her past experiences.

Gabee, Lee Yong Jin, Seulgi

(Photo: Herold Pop)
Seulgi, Gabee, Lee Yong Jin

“Really? [Actually,] when I was young it was very difficult to approach me. When I was an intern, when the guys were playing pranks on me, I kept doing it, ”said Seulgi.

Seulgi was then asked if she preferred to be a favorite artist – among juniors or juniors. In response Seulgi said, “I think it would be better to be recognized by [my] juniors.

Gabee agreed, saying, “It seems to me that I really am recognized when recognized by the same sex.”

Seulgi reveals that she wanted double eyelids for this reason

Seulgi then starred in the popular balance game in which she chose one of the two options she prefers more. She was asked to choose between doubling the amount of hair on her head or double eyelids.

To this Seulgi replied without hesitation that she preferred to have double eyelids. In fact, at one point in her life, she even wanted to get double eyelids. “I used to want double eyelids,” said a Red Velvet member.

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Seulgi, Gabee, Lee Yong Jin

(Photo: Herold Pop)
Seulgi, Gabee, Lee Yong Jin

She then explained why she wanted this by saying, “When I did double-eyelid like this sometimes, the world seemed a little brighter.”

Lee Yong Jin then commented after Seulgi used her hands to make double eyelids on the spot: “Wow, I think it’s a completely different feeling. I like double eyelids better. “

While Gabee said, “I think you’re prettier without it. It makes you pretty in your own way. “

Do you think Seulgi would suit having double eyelids?

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