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Red Velvet Seulgi reveals that this group of fourth-generation girls caught her eye

Red Velvet Seulgi reveals that this group of fourth-generation girls caught her eye

In Jonathan’s October 8 episode “K The star next door”Red Velvet Seulgi appeared as a special guest. He asked the idol about a group of girls that caught her attention, and Seulgi revealed it was IT.

Do you have the same favorite group of 4th generation girls as Seulgi? Scroll down to find out!

Red Velvet Seulgi reveals that he likes this group of 4th generation girls

In the Seulgi episode, he talked freely with Jonathan, the host of “K Star Next Door”, and they talked about a lot of things. Seulgi also showed off her mini-talents and skills, proving that she is not “jam free” or “no fun”.

(Photo: Red Velvet – Twitter)
Red Velvet Seulgi reveals that this group of fourth-generation girls caught her eye

During the program, they talked about younger groups of girls. Jonathan then asked Seulgi if she had a group of girls she had an eye on and she replied it was Aespa!

Seulgi revealed that she became interested in the girly group after working with Winter and Karina in their own girly group Girls on Top.

Earlier this year, they released the song “Got the BEAT” along with other established idols from SM Entertainment: her fellow member Wendy, Girls’ Generation Taeyeon and Hyoyeon, as well as the legendary singer BoA.


(Photo: Facebook: aespa)

Jonathan then asked if she had anything to say to his younger ones, and Seulgi said she didn’t have any because she was unable to do so.

Red Velvet Seulgi reveals the MBTI type

Seulgi revealed on the show that her MBTI is ISFP or The Pacifist and that she doesn’t like to get angry. However, Jonathan asked her if this was true as she has a picture of Seulga singing with her middle finger.

The photo made Seulgi laugh as it was an accident that happened while she sang an encore after winning number one on the music show with Irene.

Red Velvet Seulgi, solo debut of

(Photo: Red Velvet Twitter)

She also told a story about how she and other members of Red Velvet fought after Jonathan asked if she ever fought them.

According to Seulga, they fight because they live together. However, all fights are verbal, not physical. She also said that they never show fans that they are struggling as this could cause misunderstandings and ReVeluvs might worry about them.

In addition, Seulgi told a story about how, when she was still an apprentice, she got so angry and scolded other apprentices who didn’t take their training seriously.

She continued by saying that she hadn’t yelled at them or spoke coldly when she scolded the interns. Seulgi cried loudly because her concern was too much for them.

Since the idol trained for over seven years, she saw many other aspiring idols come and go in the company.

Red Velvet Kang Seulgi Solo

(Photo: Red Velvet – Facebook)

Moreover, Jonathan also said there is a story about how Seulgi gets mad at a classmate. A member of Red Velvet then explained that this was not bullying. In fact, Seulgi helped an intimidated classmate. She said she didn’t like people to alienate others for no reason.

Watch the full episode here!

On the other hand, Seulgi just posted a video of the performance of “28 Reasons”. Watch it here!

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