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Red Velvet Wendy Fashion: trendy Idol styles you can use for celebrations

Red Velvet Wendy Fashion: trendy Idol styles you can use for celebrations

On November 28, Red Velvet released the official MV for “Birthday”, which shocked ReVeluvs around the world. The girls also got love for their outfits, especially member Wendy!

Scroll down to see what Wendy was wearing in the video.

1. Club Exx Party Funk Faux Fur Jacket

(Image: Killing Dolls)

In her first MV appearance “Birthday”, Wendy wore a Party Funk Faux Fur Jacket by Club Exx. It radiated her cute visuals while keeping the cosmic outfit as an asset! This garment is perfect for celebrations due to its eye-catching pink color and fluffy look.

On the Dolls Kill website, clothing varies by size. The garment is also 100% polyester!

2. Sugar Thrillz “Don’t Be Jealous” baby t-shirt.

Sugar Thrillz Don't Be Jealous Baby t-shirt

(Image: Killing Dolls)

In addition to her fur jacket, Wendy was also wearing a “Don’t Be Jealous” kids t-shirt by Sugar Thrillz. The clothes go well with the jacket, due to the pink palette. The clothing is also made of 100% cotton.

3. Black Creeper Skyscraper platform heels

Skyscraper Creeper black platform heels

(Photo: Lamoda)

As for footwear, the lead singer wore Black Skyscraper Creeper Platform heels to complete her funky look! It features silver jewels around the boots for a classic look.

Additionally, it also includes two adjustable ankle straps. You can check it out on Lamoda’s official website, where it costs $107.00.

4. Blue monochrome V-neck Adidas T-shirt

Blue monochrome V-neck T-shirt from Adidas

(Photo credit: asos)

In her second music video appearance, Wendy donned a blue V-neck monochrome T-shirt from Adidas. Clothing is from Adidas Originals “Adicolor 70’s”.

Initially £50.00, the price has been reduced to 40% and is now £30.00, which is equivalent to 37,270.50 Korean Won (KRW)

You can check the outfit on the official asos website!

5. Pleated mini skirt with Miu Miu Intarsia logo

Miu Miu Logo Intarsia Pleated Mini Skirt

(Photo: CETTIRE)

Wendy also wore an Intarsia pleated mini skirt in MV. The skirt is marked with the Miu Miu logo and is a cute addition to Wendy’s outfit. Originally priced at $996.35, it has now been discounted to $588.00, equivalent to KRW 731,860.08.

You can browse the CETTIRE website to add this outfit to your cart!

6. 2000 Archives Camo Baby T-shirt

2000 Archives Camo Baby T

(Photo: 2000 Archive)

For her third look, Wendy donned a Camo Baby T-shirt from 2000 Archives. The t-shirt features a metal appliqué on the back and is part of the 2000 Archives ‘Essential Line’ collection.

Wendy wore the Vintage Green variant and her cotton is 100% pure.

7. Chino miniskirt with embroidered Miu Miu logo

Chino miniskirt with embroidered Miu Miu logo

(Photo credit: Farfetch)

In addition to the camouflage T-shirt, Wendy paired it with a mini skirt from Miu Miu. It presents a beige color and has belt loops. The skirt also features an embroidered logo on the back. You can check it out on the Farfetch website!

8. Exclusive white SSENSE Jake Baby T-shirt

SSENSE Exclusive Jake white baby t-shirt

(Photo credit: SSENSE)

Wendy was also wearing a white Jake Baby T-shirt by SSENSE. The clothing is from the “I’m Sorry” clothing line by Petra Collins. On their official website, the clothing price was originally $75, but has now been reduced to $62.

9. Gabrielle’s black skirt with belly straps

Gabrielle black skirt with stripes on the belly

(Photo: 017)

To top it all off, Wendy was wearing a black Gabrielle skirt with stripes across her belly. The skirt sparkles at parties with its wool texture and colorful design!

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