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Red Velvet Wendy took first place in the category “No. 1 Singer for Watching the Sunset”

Wendy, a member of the girl group Red Velvet, has been voted as the idol fans most want to watch the sunset with.

From November 14 to November 20, Ten Asia conducted a poll on the Top 10 Ten Asia website, “Which singer would you like to watch the sunset with?”

In the Red Velvet poll, Wendy won 234 hearts and secured first place. Her group, Red Velvet, will release their new EP “The ReVe Festival 2022 – Birthday” on November 28.

The new song “BYE BYE” on this album is an R&B pop song with a rousing mix of dynamic, sliding bass and cool string sounds. Her lyrics, which calmly bid farewell to her lover and express her determination never to succumb to love again, combine with chic vocals to add a mature charm to the song. Another song, “On A Ride”, is a hyper-pop dance track with an impressive jerking sound that moves rhythmically on a light tap. It presents a vivid and fantastic feeling, as if it sends listeners to an amusement park. The album will also feature other tracks such as “ZOOM” and “Celebrate”.


Second place went to Secret Number Dita with 231 hearts. On November 16, the group released their fifth single “TAP” and the title track of the same name. The song contains Secret Number’s sincere and bold energy, as well as an unstoppable message to “touch” the heart of a significant other while getting closer to them.

NMIXX Haewon received 178 hearts and took third place. The girl group NMIXX, which recently released a special Christmas song, is preparing an event to communicate with fans. Specifically, they will hold an “NMIXX Funky Glitter Christmas Meet & Call” on November 26, complete with a face-to-face and video conference for fans.

NMIXX Haewon

Currently, the Top 10 Ten Asia website also includes polls “Which singer would you like to enjoy the world cup with?”, “Which singer would you like to enjoy the world cup with?”, “Which singer would suit you if you made your debut as an announcer?”and “Which singer would suit you if you made your debut as an announcer?”

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