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Red Velvet Yeri, from hated member to key part of her group

Yeri was the last member of Red Velvet and had to work hard to prove her worth against the intense hatred.

The group SM Girl Red Velvet originally debuted in 2014 with a 4-member line-up. However, in 2015, Yeri was added to the group and was immediately met with heavy criticism and hatred. However, after a long period of hard work and determination, the idol has proven herself to be a key element of Red Velvet and a great artist herself.

Yeri was mired in criticism and hatred when she was first added to Red Velvet

Yeri, born in 1999, is the youngest member of Red Velvet. She was originally rumored to come from a wealthy family whose parents are allegedly shareholders of SM Entertainment.

Yeri Genie Music Awards 2022 in red velvet
Yeri was said to have been born into a wealthy family

When she first debuted, Yeri was condemned for being “out of place” compared to the rest of Red Velvet. Internet users also developed prejudice against her and called her ugly and untalented.

red velvet spot
Yeri was the last member of Red Velvet
Red velvet
Since she was added to Red Velvet a year later, many fans and fans were unhappy.

Despite this, Yeri continues to work hard and constantly improve. She exercised and used healthy diets to achieve ideal body proportions, perfected her dancing and singing skills. The idol also dabbled in other fields, trying her hand at acting and composing.

Yeri never stopped improving
red velvet spot
The idol used to be called “ugly”

In recent teaser photos of Red Velvet’s upcoming album “The ReVe Festival 2022 – Birthday”, Yeri also drew attention to her stunning visuals. From a hated idol member, she became a key element of Red Velvet.

red velvet yeri the reve festival 2022 birthday
Yeri also drew attention to her stunning visuals in the trailers for Red Velvet’s upcoming comeback
red velvet yeri the reve festival 2022 birthday
It has also won the favor of the public

Moreover, Yeri also shows her versatility by trying her hand at leading and acting. Despite only a few appearances on the small screen, the idol has already shown outstanding acting skills that can satisfy the most diverse roles. In particular, she made a huge impression on viewers with the web drama “Blue Birthday” and will appear in “Cheongdam International High School” in the future.

red velvet spot
Yeri is highly praised for her acting abilities
red velvet
The idol is expected to develop even more in the acting world

In addition, Yeri also receives exceptional responses in the fashion world, boasting stunning visual effects in magazine photos. He currently boasts a net worth of approximately $2 million.

red velvet yeri stunned
Yeri’s visuals in magazine illustrations impress people
red velvet spot
The idol has a net worth of around $2 million
red velvet spot
Even without makeup, there is no flaw in Yeri’s appearance.

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