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Red Velvet’s Seulgi is spotted as a supportive friend of NCT’s Jeno on his runway debut, and fans are here for

Red velvet‘s Seulgi took part in Piotr Do show on New York Fashion Weekwhere she was seen as a sweet supportive friend for NCT‘s Jeno.

Seulgi Red Velvet | @ debbiew.u / Instagram

Jeno. from NCT

While Seulgi did not walk the runway herself, she participated in the show as a noisy guest. Dressed in a stunning black dress by Peter Do, she wowed everyone with her impeccable visuals.

| @ hi_seulgi / Instagram

And the outfit she wore to the afterparty was no less impressive! She went from black to a gorgeous metallic gray dress, though retained the mile-high platforms that characterize Peter Do’s style.

| @ hi_seulgi / Instagram

She and Jeno took a lot of photos during the party …

Jeno and Seulgi | @ smtown / Instagram

… leading fans to be recognized as the first original for them SM novices have been announced.

In fact, seeing as new SM Rookies Shohei and Eunseok also made their runway debut, fans find it touching that they made it alongside the originals!

Although interactions between Jeno and Seulgi are very rare, they trained together so it wouldn’t be surprising if they were good friends. In fact, while Seulgi was officially in New York, she definitely looked like she was there as a supportive friend as well.

Jeno made his catwalk debut by opening the Peter Do show, and Seulgi made good use of her front row seat. She was spotted filming his walk down the runway (along with the other models) which gave fans the crumbs they needed.

And not only her! American actress and new beasts Jeno Cameron pigeon He also filmed everything.

Like the kind person that he is, Seulgi also filmed and greeted Peter Do, with whom he worked closely SM Entertainment to this program. But fans were (understandably) mostly to Red Velvet and NCT sibling crumbs …

And of course the visual chemistry!

| @ smtown / Instagram

We hope to get more interactions between them in the future! In the meantime, read about Red Velvet Joy and NCT Doyoungrecent chaotic sibling interactions here.

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