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RM BTS reports to ARMYs on the progress of his solo album and the future activities of other members in 2022

2022 has been a crazy year for me BTS. While celebrating the ninth anniversary, all members were busy making their own schedules and getting ready to release their solo albums. The same can certainly be said of the BTS leader RM.


Earlier this year, BTS revealed in a live stream that the group will spend some time releasing music as a group to focus on their individual content. Far from “gap”As some media reported, the members enjoyed taking the time to focus on themselves.


Named “Chapter 2” already seems to be in full bloom after its member J-Hope he was the first to release his album Jack In The Box.

“MORE” video by J-Hope | HYBE / YouTube LABELS

J-Hope’s music video for “ARSON” | HYBE / YouTube LABELS

Well, it looks like RM is back and has updated ARMYs on the progress of his own album.

On September 12 (KST), RM had a live broadcast from ARMYs on his birthday. During the music video, he talked about his home, made dreams of J-Hope fans come true and much more.

| weaver

During the live broadcast, it seemed natural for RM to start talking about the progress he was making with his own material. In July, RM revealed that approximately 90% of the album was completed.

The process seems complete and ready to be shared with the world.

First off, the album is… almost ready. Almost done, but as for when can i release it, i need to see what’s going on.

– RM

| weaver

It seems that not only RM is busy at the moment and has plans for the future.

During the broadcast, although RM explained that the album was almost ready, he wasn’t sure when it would be released. RM explained that he would try to release him by the end of the year.

I’m trying to get it out before the end of the year, maybe.

– RM

| weaver

However, what RM later said made ARMYs realize that all the members are very busy. The BTS leader recently appeared on the track with Embalming Tiger called “Sexy Nukim”. He immediately caught the attention of fans around the world.

Cooperation between RM and Balming Tiger | Balsamowanie tigrys / YouTube

| Balsamowanie tigrys / YouTube

Well, RM seems to think he may not be the only one with cooperation on the horizon. The BTS leader explained that even if he can’t release his song by this year, the other members will have a lot to do and material to share with their fans.

I think the other members are also getting – something fun like “Sexy Nukim”. I’m pretty sure everyone is… thinking about – or – creating fun stuff right now. I really don’t know the exact details of who does what, but… yes.

– RM

| weaver

It wouldn’t be that shocking for BTS as 2022 was full of amazing collaborations, whether or not it was Jungkook and Charlie Putha, Suga and DOGSas well as the vocal line of BTS i benny white With Snoop dog.

Piece by Charlie Puth and Jungkook | Charlie Puth / YouTube

Cooperation between PSY and Suga | psyofficial / YouTube

Cooperation of BTS vocal line with Benny Blanco and Snoop Dog | Benny Blanco / YouTube

Although it is not known when the RM album will be released, it will undoubtedly be pure magic! After more than four years since then Mononucleosisit will be exciting to see how the idol grew up with his music and what message he wants to share.

Read more about how RM is informing fans of the progress of his solo album below.

RM BTS reports to ARMYS on the progress of his solo album during the live broadcast of Weverse


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