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Rosé Savagely of BLACKPINK Returns to KBS Broadcasting Station in Her Shut Down Trailer

BLACK PINK may be one of the largest groups in the world, but they are also signed under YG Entertainment which is known to be one of the most laid back (but wild) companies.

The group recently showed that they are definitely Wild AF before releasing the single “Shut Down”.

BLACKPINK members | YG Entertainment

The group has always released amazing songs and 2019 was no different when BLACKPINK released their iconic song “Kill This Love”. Since its release, the world has gone mad as it was definitely a poor AF.

“Kill This Love” music video | BLACK PINK / YouTube

| BLACK PINK / YouTube

However, despite how good the movie was, it was found not to be aired on KBS. KBS is known to be quite strict in terms of regulations, so the disqualification may not be too surprising for some.

What surprised many internet users was the fact that the reason for his disqualification was a violation of traffic regulations.

Korean internet users thought about many reasons, but most seemed to agree that it was probably because during the music video Rose he was in the car but his seat belts were not on.

| BLACK PINK / YouTube

| BLACK PINK / YouTube

Due to this scene, the music video for “Kill This Love” could not be aired. This is very important for music videos as it is critical to the musical performance of the programs.

| Nate Pan

So it seems that both Rosé and YG Entertainment took extra care and were dubbed “comedians” after measures they put in place to make sure it never happened again.

BLACKPINK recently released a trailer for their upcoming song “Shut Down”. As expected, all members look amazing and the concept seems perfect for their first full album in over two years. Netizens also couldn’t get over all the references to other BLACKPINK songs during the teaser.

“Close” trailer | BLACK PINK / YouTube

| BLACK PINK / YouTube

However, out of all the scenes, one stood out and had surfers LOL on it all because Rosé seems to have learned from “Kill This Love.” In her scene, Rosé is in the car, and in a small clip you can clearly see that the idol is wearing her seatbelt this time.

| BLACK PINK / YouTube

On closer inspection, it appears that both BLACKPINK and YG Entertainment wanted to make sure the lanes were visible, so broadcasters had no reason to believe the lane was not broadcastable. Many also saw that it was very wild because Rosé basically seemed to have the same outfit as “Kill This Love Scene”.

| BLACK PINK / YouTube

When the teaser came out, although it only lasted a second, Internet users immediately noticed that Rosé was wearing his seatbelt. Many joked that the cheeky outside Rosé was a response to KBS …

While others just thought it was incredibly characteristic of an idol.

Hopefully the broadcasters find no other reason to stop Shut Down. Once again, YG Entertainment artists have found the most iconic and brutal way to hit “establish” and this is truly epic AF.

Read more about the trailer below.

All references to BLACKPINK songs in the BLACKPINK music video for “Shut Down”


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