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Round 2: Second World: MAMAMOO Moonbyul wins again with an excellent result

Round 2: Second World: MAMAMOO Moonbyul wins again with an excellent result

In the fourth episode of the JTBC program “The Second World”, which aired on September 20, the main rapper MAMAMOO once again proved to everyone that she is the best!

A member of the girls’ group scored 1000 points, which is the maximum score a player can achieve. The second round was called the single stage as the two contestants from the show will join forces and perform as one.

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MAMAMOO Moonbyul

MAMAMOO Moonbyul is joining forces with WJSN Exy

MAMAMOO Moonbyul and WJSN Exy chose each other as the players they want to sing with in the previous episode.

The two managed to become a duo and named their team SQS. faced the Meow team consisting of Oh My Girl Mimi and CLASS: y Seonyu.

Meow chose Lee Hi’s song “Savior” and in a pre-show interview they said they wanted to do something that wasn’t flashy and conveyed their honesty and history.

To tell about how they were hurt by world standards and critics, the two artists did not use any sets or props, only their bodies and voice.

They also added a flare to it, presenting a quirky performance with challenging modern dance.

Meanwhile, the winning team MAMAMOO Moonbyul performed Wanna One’s debut song “Energetic”. WJSN Exy and her partner showed perfect synchronization with tremendous energy.

According to the NAVER article, the SQS band not only swept the stage with their powerful rap but also amazing vocals which resulted in the selection of all 5 program leaders / judges.

Second World Round 2: Other Teams and Performances

In the second battle, the team of JooE and Moon Sua battled ex-Wonder Girls as well as ex-AOA Yubin and Jimin.

The two veterans named their band Seven and the band JooE and Moon Sua are called Who X. Their band rocked the stage with Jessi’s song “What Type of X”.

They performed a rock and sexy version of the song that made the judges stand up to applaud them. Both players were last in the first round and now regained their strength and finished 4th and 3rd.

On the other hand, Team Seven chose the “Very Good” B block because you want to show the scene where the audience can see their chemistry and enjoy the performance.

It was also the first time Jimin had choreographed. She said she couldn’t relax as she was very nervous before the performance scene.

Although Jimin and Yubin showed a really great stage, Team Who X won the round 5-0.

MAMAMOO Moonbyul the winner of the second round of the “Second World”

After all stages are completed, the final score and ranking are revealed. After the last round, Moonbyul, who teamed up with Exy, received 1,000 points again, which is the highest score an artist can receive in the round, and moved up to first place.

Moonbyul, who was watering in the last round, was enjoying his win this time. She stated that she had gained the confidence to listen to good songs.

Meanwhile, Yubin received the lowest rating in the second round. She declared war on, saying, “There may be surprises at any moment,” increasing expectations for the next round.


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