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“Runaway Man” Jeon So Min tells about his unexpected, terrible meeting with his ex-boyfriend

Running man he never shied away from narrating about cast members’ struggles, guest struggles, victories and, of course, dating.

The guests on the show often shocked viewers with their stories, such as when ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo revealed that an ex-girlfriend had abandoned him earlier.

I went to her because I missed her. I walked over to her crying and asked her to come back and she did.

– Cha Eunwoo

Cha Eunwoo | Running man

Likewise, regular cast members Running man follow the different “love lines” to make the show more entertaining, leading to some fans sending cast members. Although recently a cast member Jeon yes Min publicly explained any rumors about love lines.

Don’t get it wrong. We joke to make it funny, but a lot of people get it wrong.

– Jeon So Min

Jeon So Min i Yang Se Chan | @ jsomin86 / Instagram

But cast members have opened up about their actual relationships in the past. For example, in the playful episode of the blind date Song Ji Hyo revealed that she cannot bear “the awkward air that happens on blind dates“.

I don’t like the awkward atmosphere on blind dates. As soon as I sit down, I start wanting to go home.

– Song Ji Hyo

The talented actress revealed that while many of her friends have settled down, she is “meet people at your own pace“And not out of a desire to marry.

But I don’t want marriage to be the sole purpose of my relationship.

– Song Ji Hyo

| Running man

Jeon So Min was also honest about her past relationships, once confessing that she told her ex-boyfriend to change his number, to which he reacted unexpectedly.

I asked him for something. I told him, ‘I have no willpower to forget your number, so you should change it.

I tried very hard not to call him and even deleted his number from the phone but his number stayed in my head so I asked him ‘please change your number.

– Jeon So Min

Jeon So Min (left), Sung Hoon Park (law)

In last Running man episode, Jeon So Min reopened about the ex-boyfriend, explaining that she had a frustrating meeting when she unexpectedly ran into him.

After staff asked members what they would do if they bumped into an ex as part of the game, cast members were shocked at how quickly Jeon So Min replied that “spit.

Last Running man episode | snack! / YouTube

So of course Yoo Jae Suk asked if she had ever experienced this before, to which Jeon So Min explained that she was trying to be “Great”And she was welcomed by ex.

I’ll tell you what happened. I acted cool and said hello to him.

– Jeon So Min

| snack! / YouTube

And although her ex-boyfriend definitely noticed her …

Then he saw me. He has good eyesight. He looked at me for a moment.

– Jeon So Min

| snack! / YouTube

He pretended not to recognize the actress.

Well … Who is she?

– Jeon So Min

| snack! / YouTube

Which of course was incredibly frustrating for Jeon So Min.

I got so nervous.

– Jeon So Min

Worse, she was with friends back then, and her ex-boyfriend even decided to wink at her.

I was with my friends. He has become even more insolent. After he ignored me, his eyes met my friend’s. My friend said he winked at her like that.

– Jeon So Min

| snack! / YouTube

What the entire cast agreed was horrible behavior.

Yoo Jae Suk: What is this?

Ji Suk Jin: He is an asshole.

The entire clip can be viewed here.


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