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“Running Man” welcomes Kim Ji Eun and Jo Se Ho, guests armed with full attack power

Actress Kim Ji Eun and comedian Jo Se Ho will guest star on SBS’s “Running Man” on November 27.

jo se ho kim ji eun running man

Kim Ji Eun and Jo Se Ho participated in the recent shooting of “Running Man” and attracted the attention of the members with their extreme visuals. The members exchanged from admiration to disappointed sighs.

kim ji eun running man

Kim Ji Eun, who has become a “popular actress” thanks to her confident charm and luxurious performance in the Friday-Saturday SBS dramas “One Dollar Lawyer” and “Again My Life”, will show her unique side in “Running Man”.

jo se ho running man

Jo Se Ho, “Running Man Professional Guest”, made his fourth appearance this year alone. He said, “I will fight a lonely battle” and showed off his speaking skills.

jo se ho kim ji eun yoo jae suk running man

On the other hand, this episode will be a “One Dollar Gourmet” race where members will wander around restaurants in Seoul. Their mission is to enjoy treats for just a dollar. Members who are serious about food struggled to get a chance to eat, and Kim Ji Eun and Jo Se Ho in particular joined in with ambitious eyes and an endless passion for entertainment. The episode will air on November 27 at 17:00.

Source: Star News


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