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Sakura from LE SSERAFIM and Minji from NewJeans wore the same Prada shorts but served completely different vibes

Even before their debut, their fashion looks were expensive

A career in the entertainment industry that started over a decade ago with HKT48, SSERAPHIM‘s Sakura he was seen in many different styles of fashion.

Sakura LE SSERAFIM | @ 39saku_chan / Instagram

In her time with LE SSERAFIM, she has worn more exclusive styles, such as this two-piece skirt set worn with Louis Vuitton event…

| @ 39saku_chan / Instagram

… to this casual streetwear look with a large t-shirt with graffiti graphics …

| @39saku_chan / Instagram

… with this bright and trendy neon green sportswear, Sakura looked amazing in any style.

| @ IM_LESSERAFIM / Twitter

Even before their official debut with LE SSERAFIM, the group members wore designer clothes on their confident and fearless photos and trailers.

In one of the first pictures of the trailer and in the group published SEND CALL debut video trailer, she wore Sakura Pradais $ 1,990 Jacquard shorts.

| Source music

Sakura has paired Prada’s red shorts with a white cropped polo shirt and white heels. Her hair was pulled back in a low, wavy ponytail, and the tennis racket as a prop gave her a sporty and chic vibe.

Another artist under HYBE labels umbrella wore the same shorts for her debut photos, and it was New JeansMinji.

NewJeans’ Minji | @ newjeans_official / Instagram

NewJeans was experimental and trendy with their outfits, mixing and matching fabrics and patterns, and also frequently arranging clothes for a more dimensional look.

Minji showcases every style, from the trendy 90s fashion, with this bright graphic tee and an elastic band with a floral print …

| @ minjifolder / Twitter

… to this eclectic and expensive attire that mixes royalty canal a $ 550 Chanel swimsuit top of the sleeveless shirt that has been combined with Chopov Lowen A plaid pleated mini skirt that costs around $ 1,000 that she wore over blue jeans …

| @ minjifolder / Twitter

… With this youthful, casual and athletic appearance, Minja looked amazing in all of them.

| Telephoning

Minji wore the same $ 1,990 Prada shorts in earth green with one long sleeve long sleeve faux fur neckline.

This rising rookie idol delivered the vibes of the ’70s with her unique and fun combination of textures and colors.

Both idols looked amazing rocking designer shorts in their own unique way!

Check out the article below to find out how TWICE‘s Nayeon the shorts themselves rocked!

Nayeon of TWICE and Minji of NewJeans wore the same designer shorts but gave out completely different vibes

Same fit, different vibrations


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