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Sakura from LE SSERAFIM realizes her concerns about making her debut for the third time in her age

Her concern highlights the need for changes in the industry!

SSERAPHIM Only recently dropped a trailer for their upcoming documentary, The world is my oysterbut fans are already feeling emotional about the struggles the members faced to debut, especially Sakura as an “older” idol.

Sakura | @ 39saku_chan / Instagram

LE SSERAFIM is confirmed to return for the first time in October. And it couldn’t look any more promising! Last month, an American singer The Salem company revealed that she is working on an exciting collaboration with members which proves that the new album by LE SSERAFIM will definitely be worthwhile.

The Salem company @salemilese / Instagram

But while the return itself is already highly anticipated, FEARNOT will now also have the group formation document we are waiting for, especially as it promises a deep look at how the members came together and what difficulties they had to face in preparing for their debut.


One of those fights was what Sakura had to pass as an idol who had already made his debut twice before joining LE SSERAFIM. She made her debut at the age of 12 with a Japanese group of girls HKT48. She later achieved K-Pop fame after making her debut with FROM THEM (along Chaewon).


Although Sakura’s experience was positive for the youngest member of LE SSERAFIM, it was also a cause for concern for Sakura herself. In the trailer for The world is my oysterSakura explains that she has had to deal with a lot of negativity related to her age.

By general standards, Sakura is obviously very young. But there is growing concern about the growing number of K-pop idols making their debut as minors, and not least because it poses a threat to these underage idols. Older idols (who aren’t actually “old”) such as NCT‘s Jasio admitted that debuting minors also put a lot of pressure on them.

Given this marked shift towards debuting increasingly younger idols, it’s no surprise that Sakura was worried about making a third debut at the age of 24. However, fans are gathering now to support her strongly. They not only expressed pride in Sakura’s achievements …

… But they insist that her age is not a problem.

In fact, many K-Pop fans believe it’s time for the K-Pop industry to move beyond the practice of juvenile debutants and standardize the debut of adults like Sakura or SM novicesShoheiJapanese trainee in SM Entertainment which will debut at the age of 26.

In any case, Sakura has nothing to prove as her talent, hard work and success speak for themselves.

Read more about the controversy surrounding the debut of “older” idols here.

A controversial aspect of the K-Pop industry that fans hope Shohei SM Rookies will transform

Watch the trailer for the LE SSERAFIM documentary at the link below!


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