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Sana and Red Velvet from TWICE go to Milan Fashion Week.

This time of year is always great for idols and celebrities around the world as all over the world some of the world’s biggest fashion companies come together to host big shows during Fashion Week. From New York to Milan, K-Pop idols travel and delight Internet users with their visuals.

Recently, two idols from the two largest groups of girls noticed their dazzling appearance … even before leaving Korea, and it was none other than TWICE‘s A lot of and Red velvet‘s Joy.

Joy Red Velvet | @ _imyour_joy / Instagram

Sana TWICE | @ m.by__sana / Instagram

Since both Sany and Joy’s debut, both idols have attracted attention for their unmatched visuals and have always been praised for their fashionista. This makes them both ideal people to attend the shows Todd (Joy) and Prada (A lot of.)

Sana with Prada | @ tvicetagram / Instagram

The joy of Red Velvet with TOD

Despite coming from different companies, different groups and representing different brands, Sana and Joy took the internet by storm as they rocked Incheon Airport in their sexy AF look.

Sana was the first idol to arrive at the airport. As soon as the idol got out of the car, she delighted everyone with her sexy but sophisticated appearance.

Dressed in what seemed more casual, with a pair of black shorts and a cropped top, the idol paired it with a sophisticated blazer, black shoes and a Prada bag. The whole outfit perfectly harmonized with each other, although separately, technically they looked completely different.

Even walking around the airport, the look seemed effortless as Sana emanated the CEO vibes, even with more casual elements as the base of the outfit.

In the photos taken by the press, Sana really exuded sophisticated vibrations and perpetuated the nickname “Sexy-Cutie”.

The joy of Red Velvet was met with the same reaction from internet users as she passed through Incheon airport. Like Sana, Joy seemed to exude a real sexy and sophisticated vibe that a leading CEO could see.

Dressed in a voluminous suit set, the idol looked effortlessly stylish as she approached the media and fans. The look might have been simplistic, but Joy’s visuals and the way she was holding up made her look run-ready.

Along with a perfectly tailored suit, Joy paired it with a voluminous coat, loafers and a bag. With equally elegant makeup and a bold lip color, Joy looked ready to storm the fashion world.

Walking through Incheon. Joy seemed to be someone who knew what she wanted and could easily be mistaken for one of the richest CEOs in the world with her professional looks and powerful visuals.

Considering Joy is always known for her legendary visuals, it’s no surprise that even after arriving at Incheon Airport, the media managed to capture some pristine photos of the idol.

When Sana and Joy’s photos and videos were published, internet users couldn’t get over the visual combination of the two idols. With similar sexy and professional vibes, it’s no wonder that they won the hearts of Internet users.

While Sana and Joy may not have any interactions during the party, their visuals were enough to spark an explosion of love before they even arrived in Milan.

Source: Newsen and Newsen


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