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Sandara Park: “The biggest overeating in my entire life is a bowl of ramen. I only eat one banana a day “

Sandara Park talked about the greatest libation she had in her life.

Oh Yoon-ah, Sandara Park, Yang Jae-woong and Justin Harvey hosted on episode 785 of MBC’s entertainment show Radio Star, which aired on September 14.

Sandara Park recently appeared in “Unnies Without Appetite” with Park So-hyun and made headlines by revealing herself as a little eater. However, she said: “I am the biggest eater among little eaters”, addition “I often order a lot of food and have a great passion for food.”

When asked how much she usually eats, Sandara Park replied: “I don’t eat when I’m home alone. I cut a banana into small pieces with every meal. “

When asked if she was born a fussy eater or since she became an idol, Sandara Park said: “All members of my family are little eaters. When my mother asked, “Do you want to eat dinner?”, I replied, “No, I had dinner so I won’t be anymore.” Whenever Cheon-dung (her little brother) writes in our family chat saying “Who wants to eat chicken?”, We only order chicken if all four members of our family agree. I can’t eat a lot when I’m alone.

Then Yang Jae-woong asked: Does anyone in your family live long?“Confirmed Sandara Park, “I think we will all go to the village of longevity.”

Sandara Park surprised everyone by saying: “In fact, even when I drink alcohol, if I take a hangover helper, I always feel so full that I can’t drink any more alcohol. We have to drink water with pills and liquid medications, right? I am full after drinking this amount of water, so I cannot drink any more alcohol.

When asked what was the biggest binge of her life, Sandara Park replied, “Me I ate a whole bowl of ramen because I was so happy to be independent. A whole bowl. She added “When I was young, I cut a little packet of ramen for a week and cooked it. When I was in elementary school. “

Additionally, Sandara Park revealed:As soon as I debuted, I did a beer commercial with Lee Min-ho. I was very excited and worked hard but drank it tasteless. I had to drink and say “ka”. I have made “ka” many times, but it did not appear in the ad. And I couldn’t renew the contract. “

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