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Sandara Park wonders if men and women can only be friends

Can boys and girls just be friends?

Sandar Park (also known as Okay) was recently put into a new one Youtube internet series, He lifts without appetite (Unnie is a word Korean girls use to refer to older women.) Veteran actress Park So Hyun joins her in a quest to find visitors who can help them develop their tiny stomachs.

Title card for He lifts without appetite | Heung Garlic Studio / YouTube

In episode 10 of the show, they were joined by their food professor for the day, okayknown for its wild mukbang (food shows popularized by South Koreans) live broadcasts. He decided that the best way to make girls hungry is to get them to work and cook their own food!

Sandara Park and Park So Hyun from Oking on He lifts without appetite | Heung Garlic Studio / YouTube

While waiting for the fire to start, the group discussed whether they would prefer their partner to eat a lot or a little. Oking said he would hate it if his girlfriend didn’t eat much because eating together is a special bond for him. To his surprise, Dara admitted she likes people who eat well and said that if the guy offered to eat her leftovers, her heart would flutter!

Oking then said her answer was wrong as she should never eat out with a male friend! So Hyun replied, “You’re so conservative“And Dara said,”It’s just food!

Oking decided to play a game to settle the debate and ask Dara and So Hyun a few questions to see how conservative they were.

The first question was obvious: “Can boys and girls be friends?

Despite her previous answer, Dara said they couldn’t just be friends because “There is always something there, at least once.

Oking emphatically said she was right! Many members of the production team also agreed.

While the trio was joking, perhaps there were some hints in her response on how Dara really feels that men and women are just friends.

Watch the entire episode of Sandara Park and Park So Hyun on He lifts without appetite with his guest Oking below!


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