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Seo In-guk, “I’ve cried many times and suffered a lot of burnout in the past 13 years.”

Seo In-guk (35), the main character of the film “Project Hunting the Wolf”, expressed his thoughts on the 13th anniversary of his debut.

Actor Seo In-guk interviewed MyDaily at a coffee shop in Palpan-dong, Jongnog, Seoul in the morning of the 20th, prior to the premiere of the new movie, Project Wolf Hunting.

Project Wolf Hunting is a hard-boiled action movie (not available for teenagers). The film follows a brutal rebellion that begins in a huge mobile prison at sea that transports hideous criminals from the Pacific Ocean to Korea and presents an extreme survival game that has never been seen before. Megaphone was taken over by director Kim Hong-sun, who became a master of genre films through “Performers” (2012), “Technicians” (2014) and “Transformation” (2019).

In particular, Seo In-guk plays the role of Park Jong-doo, the first villain in his career. He wrote a new character for his life, perfectly portraying a cruel villain with crazy eyes. Park Jong-doo is a criminal of the first rank who reigns as an object of fear even to criminals, as if only “evil” existed in his DNA.

Seo In-guk made his entertainment debut after winning the Mnet reality show “Superstar K Season 1” in 2009. – liked by the audience as a versatile artist.

When asked about his feelings on the 13th anniversary of his debut, Seo In-guk confessed: “Debut is one of the biggest things in my life, so in a way it feels like a short time, but on the other hand, it also feels like a long time. I had a lot of worries and a lot of effort, there must have been hardships and moments when I cried ”.

Then he honestly shared: “I think the 13 years I have gone through are part of my journey of completing myself. This is what made me who I am now. So I’m really looking forward to what I will look like in the next 10 years. Looking back, there are things I am proud of and I hope to be able to continue doing so. Sometimes when I was drinking alone, I suddenly wondered, “Will I ever get tired of this job?” Of course, I felt burned out and wanted to give up everything many times. Sometimes I got lazy, but sometimes I felt like investing everything in my job and working passionately enough to throw away all my personal belongings. Whenever I want to let go of something I love, I try to get over it well and continue to express my feelings in my next work or music. “

Moreover, Seo In-guk said: “I wish I had ever traveled alone. I don’t leave the house often. But every time people look at me, they think I’m an active person. I did the MBTI test twice and got the INTP each time. Everyone was surprised when I told them about it. I want to travel alone and recharge my batteries, and then develop a more positive mind. I hope to be able to move in the right direction quickly, even when my emotions are unstable ”.

He smiled and added: “What I do so well is that I have lived a busy life all this time. Looking at the list I have left behind so far, I feel proud that I have led a good life. “

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