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Seoul says North Korea will self-destruct if it uses nuclear weapons

South Korea warned North Korea on Tuesday that the use of its nuclear weapons would put it on a “self-destruct path” in extremely harsh language that emerged days after North Korea enacted a new law that would allow it to use nuclear weapons preventively.

North Korea is likely to be enraged by South Korea’s rhetoric, as Seoul tends to avoid such strong words to avoid rising tensions on the Korean peninsula.

The South Korean Ministry of Defense said the legislation would only deepen North Korea’s isolation and urge Seoul and Washington to “further strengthen their deterrence and response capabilities.”

To force North Korea to refrain from using nuclear weapons, the ministry said South Korea would rapidly increase its own preemptive attacks, missile defense and massive retaliation capabilities while seeking greater US involvement in defending its South Korean ally with all available capabilities, including nuclear one.

“Be warned that the North Korean government will meet the overwhelming response from the South Korea-US military alliance and embark on a path of self-destruction if it tries to use nuclear weapons,” said Moon Hong Sik, an active ministry spokesman. reporters.

Last week, the North Korean parliament passed a law regulating its nuclear arsenal. Legislation would allow North Korea to use nuclear weapons if its leaders are faced with imminent attack or if they are intended to avert an undefined “catastrophic crisis” for its citizens.

Much of the loose wording touched on is that the legislation is intended to serve as a legal basis for the pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons to intimidate rivals to make concessions in the face of lengthy diplomacy over its arsenal of weapons.

During a parliamentary meeting, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said in a speech that his country would never give up its nuclear weapons it needs to deal with US threats. He accused the United States of insistence on weakening the defense of the North and ultimately the collapse of his government.

Kim accelerated weapons testing at record pace this year, firing a series of nuclear-capable ballistic missiles targeting both the US and South Korea. For months, US and South Korean officials have said North Korea may also conduct its first nuclear test in five years.

Since taking office in May, South Korea’s new conservative government, led by President Yoon Suk Yeol, said it would take a tougher stance on provoking North Korea, but would also offer massive support plans if the North did denuclearize. North Korea bluntly rejected the offer of disarmament aid and flung primitive insults at the Yoon government.

Seoul’s use of words like “self-destruct” is unusual, but it’s not the first time. When South Korea was ruled by another conservative leader, Park Geun-hye, in 2013-2017, its government also warned that North Korea would evaporate from Earth or self-destruct with its provocations, as the North carried out tons of rocket and nuclear tests.

Liberal president Moon Jae-in, who served from 2017 to this year, advocated greater reconciliation between the Koreas. He is credited with organizing the now stalled nuclear diplomacy between Pyongyang and Washington, but has also faced criticism that such diplomacy only allowed Kim Jong Un to buy time to improve weapons technology while enjoying a high position on the world stage.


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