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Seventeen Dino confesses to huddling over his group – that’s why Maknae feels this way

One of the supergroups in the K-pop industry, SEVENTEEN, has cemented the idol group’s “self-production” image and is called “Performance Kings” by various media for their spectacular stage presence and timing.

There is something about these powerful sensations that makes maknae and SEVENTEEN’s main dancer Dino flinch over his group – so much so that he walks away from watching videoclips of group performances during his debut.

What is the reason Dino huddles over his group? Stay tuned for this article to find out more!

Seventeen Dino huddles over their group because of it

In a special video, “Chapter7: Teen”, Dino courageously confronted his fellow members that he couldn’t stand watching their group’s performances in the past.

(Photo: Music Naver)

Recognizing the times when SEVENTEEN was still building its image, Dino found it difficult to keep the eyes of the audience during their performance. According to the group’s maknae, its members were naive stage performers at the time, which manifested itself in “too many facial expressions” that would appear every time they walked on stage.

SEVENTEEN’s main dancer is also guilty of this. He said, “Honestly, I can’t watch my debut movies.

Instead of criticizing the youngest member, Hyung Dino understood his comments. Rapper Wonwoo and vocalist Joshua have mentioned that “too many facial expressions” became a gateway for “HOT” singers to be better idols.


(Photo: Twitter || @ pledis_17)

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Joshua emphasized that this particular phase in their path to fame helped them identify the “right facial expressions” to show during the performance. Wonwoo agreed with Joshua’s comment as he said, “Now we have learned to control it.


(Photo: Twitter || @ pledis_17)

Indeed, this experience has become SEVENTEEN’s best teacher, educating them for who they are today. Whatever SEVENTEEN shows on stage is the result of years of practice and dedication to give his fans a world-class stage.

With around seven years in the industry, SEVENTEEN and Dino’s dedication to filtering and controlling their facial expressions paid off, and CARAT couldn’t help but make improvements to “HOT” singers.

Watch the full movie here:

SEVENTEEN confirms their growth and domination

Loved by local and international CARAT, SEVENTEEN holds numerous accolades in the music industry. Recently, the group won a Daesang for “Best Concert” from “Be The Sun” at 9this E-Daily Culture Awards.

Starting the tour in June 2022 at the Gocheok Sky Dome in South Korea, the 13-man band Pledis Entertainment left their concert venues sold out. By powering the engines during shutdowns in Japan, SEVENTEEN is expected to deliver unparalleled performance that will inspire the admiration of several Japanese CARATs.

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(Photo: Twitter || @ pledis_17)

In addition to the world tour that aims to visit every CARAT in major cities, on November 9, 2022, SEVENTEEN will return to Japan with “DREAM”, the first Japanese mini-album.

According to reports, the title of the album will be “DREAM”, which will be accompanied by Japanese versions of “Rock with You”, “All My Love” and “Darl + ing”.

Didn’t you watch the official trailer for the return? Click here:

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This is written by Sophia Carson


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