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SEVENTEEN Jeonghan and Hoshi bring carats to the memory belt because of THESE PHOTOS

At the 9th edition of the E-Daily Culture Awards are the kings of dance synchronization with Pledis Entertainment, SEVENTEEN. Known for their collective power, a group of 13 boys graced the awards ceremony both in the studio and on stage.

Thanks to their presence, the two members, vocalist Jeonghan and concert band leader Hoshi, caught the eyes and hearts of the CARATs as their “looks” seemed to remember fans.

Were CARAT able to maintain their bias list after seeing Jeonghan and Hoshi? Or maybe Jeonghan and Hoshi’s new chic looks have shuffled the CARAT bias lists?

Scroll through this article to see the new brand of Jeonghan and Hoshi visuals.

SEVENTEEN Jeonghan and Hoshi bring carats for the memory belt

The moment Jeonghan stepped onto the red carpet, the singer captured the moment as his black hair meets a coordinated black suit. However, there is something about Jeonghan’s spiky hair that made fans remember the past era of SEVENTEEN.

(Photo: Twitter || @ EndlessDream95)

After seeing Jeonghan’s new hairstyle, CARATs remembered the “Pretty U” times when Jeonghan flaunted his silky hair, which emphasized the singer’s beauty. This neat-looking Jeonghan hairstyle is adjacent to his “flower boy” visuals.

Let’s go back to time, CARATs. Watch the ‘Pretty U’ music video here.

While CARAT praises Jeonghan’s current hairstyle, some fans couldn’t help but remember the humorous encounter at “Idol Star Athletic Championships 2017” when EXO Sehun mistook SEVENTEEN Jeonghan as NCT Johnny.

This match was stored in the EXO-L, CARAT, and NCTzens base memory as it remained one of the funniest mistakes in K-pop interactions.

Jeonghan not only graced his bob hair in the “Pretty U” era, but recently sparkled and was admired by fans in the “Ready to Love” era with his blonde hair.


(Photo: Naver x Shipping)

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While Jeonghan goes to great lengths to keep his smooth long hair screaming out greatness, Hoshi on the other hand stepped on for breaks, offering CARATs with a warm appearance that reminded fans of one of the most beloved and tickling songs during the ‘Semicolon Era.

The competition team leader bends his undercut and combed back sides. This hairstyle takes fans to the memories of the performance of “Light a Flame” at the concert “POWER OF LOVE”.

SVT Hoshi

(Photo: Twitter || @ eureka0615)

A 96-meter band of Hoshi, Jun, Woozi and Wonwoo brought the song to life with a fluid and slow choreography, escorted by trumpets and wind instruments that left CARAT in a dizzying phase.

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With Hoshi’s new hairstyle, CARATs commemorated the attempt by the SEVENTEEN 96 inch line unit to show off a sexy jazzy vibe with “Light a Flame”. Hence, the CARATs conclude that Hoshi’s hairstyle made him stand out in this performance.

SEVENTEEN Wins ‘Best Concert’ at the 9th E-Daily Culture Awards

In addition to enchanting fans with ethereal visuals, CARATs applauded SEVENTEEN as they triumphed in winning the daesang, the “Best Concert” award on their “Be The Sun” tour.

As originally planned, SEVENTEEN was scheduled to perform at the awards gala, but due to a national mourning announced in South Korea, the group decided to halt it.

According to CARATs, the cancellation is understandable as SEVENTEEN’s victory is paramount. Moreover, seeing the boy’s new appearance makes them smile.

What can you say about the new Jeonghan and Hoshi hairstyles? Share these below.

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