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SEVENTEEN Mingyu and S.Coups reportedly at clubs in the US

SEVENTEEN members Mingy and S.Coups have reportedly been seen at the clubs on a tour schedule in the United States. Do you want to know how people reacted? Read on for all the details.

SEVENTEEN Mingyu and S.Coups reportedly spotted Clubbing in the US

On September 9, an online community forum user Miss Nate wrote: “Is it true that SEVENTEEN went to the club?” In the post, the user asked if it was true that SEVENTEEN was seen at the club while in the United States.

(Photo: Miss Nate)
SEVENTEEN Mingyu and S.Coups reportedly at clubs in the US

On Twitter, a user by name Jason revealed that he was partying with members of SEVENTEEN Mingy and S.Coups in the United States. Idols reportedly danced at a club called Decades.

Jason revealed that Mingyu slapped him on the butt while they were partying. This was because a Twitter user was twerking his girlfriend. After asking the man’s girlfriend for permission, Mingyu began to excite Jason.

Jason reportedly also had a dance with Mingyu and S. Coups. Both idols also bought drinks for the man’s girlfriend and her friends. According to Jason, these two things were very healthy.

Korean Internet users have mixed opinions on SEVENTEEN Mingyu and S. Coups Clubbing

After the news that the two idols had been spotted in clubs in the United States, Internet users had mixed opinions about the situation.

Many did not care that idols went to the club. S.Coups is 27 and Mingyu is 25, meaning they’re old enough to party and drink whenever they want. Others said it was normal for people to have fun in their spare time and expressed their amusement that Mingyu was slapping someone on the butt.

SEVENTEEN Mingyu and S.Coups reportedly at clubs in the US

(photo: ZUM news)
SEVENTEEN Mingyu and S.Coups reportedly at clubs in the US

Supporting comments Mingyu and S. Coups read,

“They are adults. Why is going to the club such a big deal? “

“They probably just wanted a drink after the concert. They didn’t even goof off with girls. “

“They have such a fun life. They go to the club and perform concerts at the same time. “

Why did Mingyu hit the guy in the butt? LOL, he’s so funny. “

“Can’t they play in their spare time?”

“It’s not like they’re underage or anything, so it’s not a big deal that they went to the club.”

However, others were not satisfied. On August 19, it was reported that Mingyu tested positive for COVID-19 and will be quarantined in the United States. On August 24, it was reported that he had recovered.

Although he recovered, people thought it reckless that he was going out to clubs even though his quarantine period had recently ended. In addition, many criticized the idol for not leaving concerts, but willingly going out to parties.

SEVENTEEN Mingyu and S.Coups reportedly at clubs in the US

SEVENTEEN Mingyu and S.Coups reportedly at clubs in the US

It was also reported that they had been seen in clubs 12 hours before the show, which many found irresponsible.

Comments criticizing Mingyu and S. Coups read:

“They are legendary when it comes to controversy for male idols. They are legendary meek.

Why would Kim Mingyu slap someone’s butt? Why is it important? He hasn’t even stopped quarantining for so long, and he’s already with S.Coups 12 hours before their concert, looking for clubs. All fans are worried about their schedules, but it turned out they didn’t even go to bars, but to clubs.

“They must live comfortably.”

“This idol is on an international tour, he caught COVID and sat down from the concert only to be a witness at the club while he is out of quarantine. Isn’t that a scandal? There are even pictures of it. If it were more groups, they would be at the top of the popular fan page now for cheating on fans, but I’m shocked to see how quiet Virgo is towards this group.

What do you think about this situation? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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