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Share a burrito that has cost less than 1000 won to be eaten multiple times … Now this actor becomes an angel of good deeds

Daniel Henney said he didn’t even know how to say “Hi” in Korean when he appeared on “My Lovely Sam Soon” 17 years ago. In this schedule, he showed off his Korean language skills significantly improved to the point where he was able to handle interviews without a separate interpreter.

Daniel Henney

Following his official schedule, Daniel Henney and colleagues from his agency visited a farm where young people with developmental disabilities work. He revealed that his father worked in a factory and his mother worked as a nurse, so his family was not very wealthy.

He went to college but decided to quit because it was difficult to pay the tuition fees. Then he started modeling to earn money. Daniel Henney’s head of the agency testified that he was in financial trouble to the point of sharing a burrito that cost less than 1,000 won to eat multiple times during modeling days.

Daniel Henney, who has overcome difficult times and receives a lot of love in Korea and the United States, lives his life by giving back the love he has received through donations and volunteering. Daniel Henney expressed his conviction“I earn money to help people.”

Thanking Korea for everything, he said he would continue to do good deeds with a reciprocated heart. He brought warmth once again, donating the entire fee for the appearance of the “Point of Omniscient Disturbance.”

Confidential Assignment 2: International, starring Daniel Henney, continues its box-office success with a total audience of 4.4 million. He plans to continue his activities, appearing in songs such as “Dog Days (Korea)” and “Searching 2 (Hollywood)”.

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