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Shin Jae Ha hides a secret behind his innocent smile in “Taxi Driver 2”

Shin Jae Ha hides a secret behind his innocent smile in “Taxi Driver 2”

Shin Jae Ha finally showed his true colors in “Taxi Driver 2”!

Based on the popular online tool of the same name, SBS’s “Taxi Driver” is a drama about a mysterious taxi company that exacts revenge on behalf of victims unable to obtain legal justice. After a successful run in 2021, the hit drama is back with a second season. Along with Lee Je Hoon and Pyo Ye Jin, Shin Jae Ha stars as On Ha Joon, who is kind and smart but also prone to making clumsy mistakes.


Earlier in “Taxi Driver 2”, it was revealed that On Ha Joon (Shin Jae Ha), Rainbow Taxi’s newest driver, is a spy who snoops on Rainbow Taxi members, including Kim Do Gi (Lee Je Hoon).

The signet ring that On Ha Joon wears is suspected to be a symbol belonging to a criminal organization, and many of the villains that Kim Do Gi punished also wore the same ring. It can be concluded that the scale of the organization that On Ha Joon belongs to is huge. Since On Ha Joon appears to be one of the directors of the criminal organization, his presence adds to the tension in the drama as a threat to the Rainbow Taxi Team.

The next episode of “Taxi Driver 2” will air on March 17 at 10 p.m. KST. Wait for further information!

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