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SHINee Key Provides Conan Gray with an exclusive tour of the SM Entertainment Building “101 billion KRW”

A talented American singer and songwriter Conan Gray recently had the full K-Pop experience when he visited Korea this August.

American singer and songwriter Conan Gray for GQ Korea | @ conangray / Instagram

During his stay in Korea, he made his debut in the music program K-Pop on MTV‘s Showperforming his song “Memories”.

The production team did everything in their power to achieve an aesthetically pleasing first step. With green vines in the background, rose petals fell around him as he sang, perched above the swirling mist. He was even able to have his own “fairy ending” moment.

He was also a guest on Wendy Red Velvet‘s Younger street radio broadcast and organized his own fansign event.

Wendy of Red Velvet (left) and Conan Gray (right) | @ sbyoungstreet / Instagram

A new video released today shows that Conan Gray also found time in his busy schedule to visit the powerhouse’s K-Pop building SM Entertainment. His experienced guide was none other than GLOSS‘s Key.

Conan Gray (left) and SHINee key (right) | @ bumkeyk / Instagram

To fully immerse Conan Gray in the K-Pop experience, he only had to look behind the scenes as they train, create music and prepare for promotion. SM Entertainment was founded by Lee Soo Manwhich is known to revolutionize the training system for K-Pop idols, which led his company to create some of the biggest names in K-Pop.

The company’s meteoric success allowed them to relocate to a magnificent KRW 101 billion building last year.

Key led Conan through the imposing headquarters, giving him exclusive access to where the K-Pop magic happens.

Conan was given his own personalized ID badge to gain access, which Key said would allow him to come in whenever he wanted to stop.

Their first stop on the tour was the “Artist’s House” on the second floor. Key Explanation: “[it’s] where we do Instagram Live or YouTube Live etc.He then opened the door to reveal the Artist’s House, which looked like the inside of an expensive home. The room had a sumptuous staircase against the wall of the windows and even had a kitchen.

The next stop was the studio where the company organizes conferences and photo sessions for artists. It was a large open space with Girls generation‘s Forever 1 album art displayed on a white screen.

Key proudly looked around the room, having been with the company since it was in its original building. He joined SM Entertainment as an intern in 2006 before debuting with SHINee in 2008.

After the art studios, they went to the seventh floor, where there was a large cafe and cafe. Key’s music video for his solo song “Bad Love” was played on LED screens all over the room.

Conan was intrigued by the “SM Coffee” option on the menu as they went to order coffee. Key revealed that he had never tried it before, so they both decided to order it. After trying a unique menu item, Conan hilariously turned into the CF “SM Coffee” model.

On the side of the coffee shop was an EP display by the artist SM Entertainment with a headset for listening to music. Next to it was a photo booth with stickers that Key and Conan couldn’t pass.

The key then led Conan to “more interesting things”And the next stop was the dance practice room. The room had an impressive panorama view and replaced the iconic cloud wall practice room for which older SM Entertainment dance practice videos were known.

Old SM Entertainment dance exercise room | @ milkteus / Twitter

Then there was the 18th floor where the recording studios are located. Key took Conan to the studio where he made his second album, Gas.

While the scope of the building and the resources it possesses are amazing, Key shared one downside. The bathroom was across the long corridor, away from the recording studios. To fix this, Key revealed that the artists ride a scooter to get to the toilet quickly.

Conan shared that SM Entertainment’s system was unlike anything he had experienced and told Key how impressive and unique it was.

Check out the rest of the exclusive walkthrough below!


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