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SHINee tries to recruit Conan Gray to SM Entertainment by showing him the K-Pop miracle

Can you imagine Conan Gray in Kwangya?

While an American singer and songwriter Conan Grayrecent visit to Korea with which he met GLOSS‘s Key on SM Entertainment building a business for an exclusive appearance in the everyday life of the K-Pop idol.

Conan Gray (left) and SHINee key (right) | @ bumkeyk / Instagram

Usually cool and gathered SHINee member couldn’t contain his excitement when Conan arrived to make a YouTube video Conan Gray in KWANGYA with a key.

They met for the first time and the two met before heading out to explore the building. They quickly built up a fun and chaotic contact, making them the perfect duo for a movie.

Key began by asking Conan how old the American artist was; when Conan replied that he was 23, he asked Key about his age. Key seemed to anticipate that he would shock Conan with his age as he stared excitedly at the camera.

Key made Conan guess, to which he amusedly replied that he might not want to know Key’s age. Conan guessed that the K-Pop idol was 26 or 27, leaving Key to celebrate as he proudly stated that his Korean age was in fact 32.

Key then asked Conan if he had heard of SM Entertainment before they met that day. Conan confirmed he did this and stated: “so many great ones have been created here.

SM Entertainment was founded in 1995 by Lee Soo Manthat has shaped the K-Pop idol training system as we know it, shaping some of what makes this industry so special. To better understand what makes K-Pop special, Key showed him around the company’s impressive building.

SM Entertainment building | Sports Khan

While showing Conan around the area, Key repeatedly tried to convince the artist to join For me and the SM Family.

The company donated Conan his personalized ID badge to gain access to the building. Conan admitted that he didn’t feel like he deserved an access card when he was presented with the badge. Seeing the opportunity, the business-minded and direct Key interjected: “Please sign a contract with our company.

When Key showed him the impressive Artist House, he sensed that he was about to sign a contract with an American artist who had just announced that he wanted to move to a luxury studio. Key then looked at the staff members and begged the company to sign a contract with Conan.

Later, on the 18th floor, Conan found a piano and started playing, singing his song “Memories”. Key turned into the biggest Conan fan with a front view, took out his phone to record this amazing moment.

| @ bumkeyk / Instagram

While Key’s efforts may have failed, Conan shared how impressive and unique the company turned out to be and promised to return to Korea. “very very” soon.

Anything is possible, maybe we’ll see Conan working with artist SM Entertainment soon!

Check out the article below for a peek into the luxurious, amenity-packed SM Entertainment Building.

SHINee Key Provides Conan Gray with an exclusive tour of the SM Entertainment Building “101 billion KRW”


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