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Shooting near the Minnesota Mayo Clinic campus causes the hospital to shut down

The Mayo Clinic campus in Mankato, Minnesota, closed after a shootout at a nearby apartment complex.

Mankato’s Department of Public Security has issued an on-site alert shelter for the area near the campus.

ABC 5 News reports that all patients booked today will still have access to the building but will need to undergo screening prior to entry.

“Mankato Hospital is currently closed due to an isolated shooting at a nearby residential facility. We work with Mankato Public Safety, ”wrote the hospital on Twitter. “Patients with medical needs – including scheduled visits – still have access to the facility through screening.”

The Mankato’s free press reports that this morning around 9:20 CST the police issued an emergency alert. The woman called 911 to report that someone had broken into her friend’s apartment and shot him around 8:40.

Around 10 a.m., the city dispatched a bus to evacuate the residents of Mankato Tower Apartments, where a shooting took place. The tower is located northwest of the Mayo Clinic campus in the city.

Police blocked the area near the towers and patrolled during the investigation. At least two policemen in tactical uniforms were seen entering the apartment.

The Mankato Clinic is approximately 80 minutes from the main Mayo Clinic campus in Rochester, Minnesota.


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