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“Showterview” Episode 12: Red Velvet Seulgi gets tears after Sunmi tells her TO

“Showterview” Episode 12: Red Velvet Seulgi gets tears after Sunmi tells her TO

In episode 12 of “Showterview” Sunmi’s true friend Seulgi appeared as a special guest. There, in an interview, a member of Red Velvet became touched and it was because of THIS.

What did Sunmi tell her? dongsaeng?

“Showterview” episode 12: Sunmi makes Seulgi cry over it

During the “signature segment” of the 12th episode of “Showterview,” Sunmi’s cheeks and Red Velvet Seulgi were side by side and they were both initially joking about it. Then the mood suddenly turned serious as a Red Velvet member delivered her message to vocalist “Noir”.

According to her, she feels very comfortable with Sunmi. She is also one of the reasons Seulgi had the courage to pursue her solo debut as Sunmi always tells her that she must try to bring out her color as an artist.

The singer of “Syrena” said:

“As soon as I met you, I felt how kind, sweet and kind you are. So I called you without hesitation. But one thing I want to say is that you always seem to hold onto your feelings. in this way, sometimes it breaks my heart and makes me feel sad ”.

Seulgi started crying in the middle of the message and said, “Why do I want to cry?” Sunmi’s message must have hit her hard.

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(Photo: Red Velvet Twitter)

However, to make the atmosphere clear again, Seulgi made a joke again, which made everyone laugh.

Sunmi wants to see Seulga Solo forever

In the same episode, the singer “Gashina” told Seulgi that she always wanted to see her as a solo singer. With its own distinctive color and knowing what it wants, Seulgi deserves a solo album. Sunmi continued that this is one of the best things SM Entertainment has done this year. Seulgi just laughed at it, looking genuinely flattered by this statement.

They then continued the interview by doing all the other activities, such as scrubbing the snails, as they were in a restaurant that serves snails, as it was called in Korean, “ddaseulgi.”

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Both idols also talked about their childhood and primary school days when Sunmi asked Seulgi if she was popular at the time.

Singer “Monster” said she had tons of friends, but sometimes the boys made jokes about them, like pulling their hair ties just to make them notice.

Red Velvet Seulgi, solo debut of

(Photo: Red Velvet Twitter)

In addition, they also talked about how Seulgi now felt as a solo artist. She said she didn’t know she would still get nervous performing on stage as she has been doing it for the past eight years as a member of Red Velvet.

She continued saying that it was hard to come up with a new concept that they never did and is unique only to her.

Seulgi recommends a song he wrote

The “28 Reasons” singer suggested that Sunmi listen to her first song, which she wrote herself, “Dead Man Running”, after asking her what song she should listen to.

Seulgi continued saying that she never thought she would be able to write lyrics because there are so many great songwriters.

She was selected after a blind test at SM Entertainment and was very pleased with it. Everything went smoothly and it was a great experience for her.

Watch the 12th episode of “Showterview” by Sunmi HERE!

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