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Slapped by his father for not going to college, this Korean rapper is now married to a foreign model

Attention is drawn to the current situation of the famous Korean rapper who spends his honeymoon with his foreign model.

Stefanie Michova, the wife of the famous rapper Beenzino, recently gained attention by posting a photo of herself making kimchi.

In particular, the German model posted some photos of her current situation on November 22 along with a caption “Gimjang (traditional process of making Kimchi)”. Among them, the photo shows Beenzino and Michova making kimchi while standing facing each other.

The staggering amount of kimchi surprises many viewers.

Rapper Beenzino has been in a public relationship with Stefanie Michova since 2015. Since then, the couple has officially become husband and wife after the completion of marriage registration.

bezino and michov's wife

Now living happily with his wife, Beenzino’s past is re-examined.

Beenzino reportedly moved to New Zealand with his father when he was 8 years old and lived there for about 5 years. In English-speaking New Zealand, Beenzino was naturally exposed to hip-hop and developed an interest in music.

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Later, Beenzino returned to Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi-do, where his mother lived after his parents divorced. At that time, the rapper had a serious conflict with his stepfather, to the point that he was slapped when he admitted that he wanted to pursue music instead of going to college.

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Wracked with career concerns, Beenzino was preparing to become an actor, as revealed by his mother on the Mnet TV show.

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At the time, the rapper’s mother said: “Beenzino went to an acting academy. He said he could shed tears and do anything, so I sent him to one.”

In response, Beenzino confessed:I watched “Crying Fists” when I was in my second year of high school. Actor Ryoo Seung Bum was so cool that he inspired me to act.”

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He went on to reveal the reason why he quit acting, saying: “I went to an acting academy for six months, but I realized that only people with talent should follow this path.”

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Beenzino, who had wandered for a long time, finally entered the Sculpture Department of Seoul National University, influenced by his painter mother. However, he then took a break from school after realizing his dream of becoming a rapper.

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After such intense school days, Beenzino was reborn as a recognizable hip-hop artist. His versatility in various fields and excellent rapping skills have brought the rapper a lot of praise.

source: daum


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