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SM artists noticed in “Neo City: The Link” Seoul: Super Junior Eunhyuk, aespa, more!

NCT 127 made another milestone by being the eighth K-pop band to hold a concert at the prestigious Olympic Stadium in Seoul. In this honorable line-up, the singers of “2 Baddies” join their label mates, NCT Dream, EXO, HOT and Shinhwa.

In addition to filming the event during these two-day concerts, “Neo City: The Link” Seoul has become a mini-reunion of SM artists!

Scroll through this article to find out who joined NCT 127 in this historic achievement!

SM artists in the shower NCT 127 with support during the concert “Neo City: The Link” in Seoul

Before the concert in Seoul City, NCT 127 spoke loudly on their official Instagram account about how much they were preparing for this concert.

Interestingly, the world tour of “Neo City: The Link” began in December 2021 at the Gocheok Sky Dome.

During the first night of kicking the stage at the Seoul Olympic Stadium on October 22, 2022, NCTzens spotted Minho from SHINee and Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation at a concert.

After lighting up the stage at South Korea’s biggest club, the group posted a photo with the two SM artists on their official Twitter account, thus confirming what fans saw.

(Photo: Twitter || @ NCTsmtown_127)

On the second night of the concert, more SM artists showed up!

In addition, fans noted that NCT Dream Jeno and Renjun attended the concert despite having recently completed their I-POP U 2022 Manila concert last October 21st.

After the show, Renjun posted a story on Instagram, vibrating and dancing alongside NCT 127’s hits.

Moreover, the latest additions to the NCT roster, Sungchan and Shotaro, have also appeared!

It’s always a beautiful sight for NCTzens to see Neos brandishing Neo Bongomi and supporting their teammates.

Besides the group of unlimited members, members of aespa, Super Junior Eunhyuk and TVXQ Yunho have confirmed their presence.

Ultimately, the always-supporting founder of the entertainment company, Lee Soo Man, was also present at the last night of the “Neo City: The Link” concert in Seoul.

NCT 127 with other SM artists

(Photo: Twitter || @ NCTsmtown_127)

NCT 127 with Lee Soo Man

(Photo: Twitter || @ NCTsmtown_127)

Some Eagle fans also noticed Brother Doyoung at the concert.

Also, fitness trainer Jeong Seong Hak (@xxhakx) and Shin Ji Yeong (@iamjiyeongshin) posted a photo of NCT Jungwoo after watching the concert.

As the 127-strong line-up finishes their stop in Seoul, they prepare for a two-day concert in Indonesia in November and a three-day concert in Thailand in December.

THIS member of NCT 127 got emotional during the encore

During the last night of the NCT concert, Doyoung became touched. According to fans, Doyoung has been experiencing “a fading out of the sparks of the music” lately. Indeed, this moment is difficult for one of NCT’s lead singers.

Doyoung mentioned that despite this fight he sticks to his members and fans. Therefore, NCTzens could not help but adore the singer more, as he shows strength in difficult times.

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To make things clear, Renjun and Jeno immediately filmed their Hyung when he started crying.

Releasing Jeno’s inner humor, he flashed a sign that read “You’ve already recorded this.” It looks like Neo’s group chat will be flooded because of this.

On the other hand, NCT 127 surprised its Japanese member Yuta with a cake, welcoming him with a happy advanced birthday. On October 26, Yuta will be 27 (international age).

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