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Somi posts a hot photo of his dad when he was young and confirms that the best photos definitely belong to the family

Finns is as real as it gets!

Soloist with BLACK LABEL she has always been open to her fans. Her latest post, which has attracted a lot of attention on the web for this reason, was nothing less than her exceptionally honest reaction to an old photo of her dad. Without mincing words, she praised his appearance in a grayscale photo from several decades ago.

I know it sounds weird, but my dad is HOTTT

– Finns

| @ somsomi0309 / Instagram

Somi’s father is a Dutch Canadian Mateusz Douma who works as an actor and education consultant in English.

| @ somsomi0309 / Instagram

| @ somsomi0309 / Instagram

K-Drama fans can recognize him by his performance in an episode in KBS‘s Descendants of the sun where he played the role of the leader of the US military.

Meanwhile, K-Pop fans know him best as Somi’s dad who appeared in her music video “XOXO” …

… as well as a variety show in which they both showed off their abdominal muscles.

When it comes to the figure and commitment to a healthy lifestyle, they are definitely similar.

In addition to her father, Somi also shared a great photo of her mother when she was younger. She commented, “My mother too [is so hot]”.

| @ somsomi0309 / Instagram

She followed these individual shots with a photo of her parents’ wedding day. Needless to say, Somi got the best of both of her genes!

| @ somsomi0309 / Instagram

She ended her Instagram story by saying that “they have always lived happily … with [her] of course ”by attaching a new photo of yourself as a toddler.

| @ somsomi0309 / Instagram

He also accidentally confirmed that Somi’s similarity to Evelynher 13-year-old sister was amazing.

| @ somsomi0309 / Instagram

The Douma family is sure to turn heads wherever they go!

Somi with her parents and sister | @ evelyndouma / Instagram


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