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Son Seok Koo and IU won Rookie of the Year at the Film Critics Association Awards, “100% thanks to the director”

Actor Son Seok Koo and idol actress IU were named “Rookie of the Year” winners at the 42nd Film Critics Association Awards.

On November 23 at 17:00 (KST), the 42nd Film Critics Association Awards Ceremony was held at the KBIZ Hall of the Federation of Small and Medium Businesses in Yeouido, Seoul.

Here, actor Son Seok Koo, who starred in the movie “The Outlaws 2”, won the award for the best new actor. Unfortunately, he was unable to attend due to scheduled shooting, so he conveyed his feelings via video.

Specifically, the actor said: “I won the Best New Actor award for my role in The Outlaws 2. When I heard this news, I was wondering who to thank and the director of The Outlaws 2 was the first to come to mind.

He then emphasized “I think winning such a big award is 100% the director’s credit.”

son seok gu 42nd Korean Film Critics Association Awards

Seok Koo’s son also added, “Every time I shot, I had one goal. It was “let’s please the director and fire him.” I think that such good results are due to the director. I’ll make sure I have a drink with him.

Meanwhile, IU (Lee Ji Eun) won the Best New Actress award for her role in “Broker.”

iu Awards of the 42nd Korean Film Critics Association

Regarding her win, the idol actress said:I thought I’d be less nervous than when I first heard the news. However, after hearing all the good things before, I’m more nervous now.

The IU then added: “Broker” gave me different keywords to think about as a person and as an actor. It was hard for me to portray them all, from separation, scarcity and healing, to family. Nevertheless, I appreciate the process and I think everyone has been a great encouragement to me.”

iu Awards of the 42nd Korean Film Critics Association

In addition, the IU said:I would like to express my gratitude to the director, seniors Song Kang Ho, Bae Doon, seniors Kang Dong Won, my sister Joo Young, and numerous staff members. I could feel up close how much honesty and hard work it takes to make a film. I want to meet you again, not forgetting all the fortune and tolerance that I receive from the “Broker”.

iu Awards of the 42nd Korean Film Critics Association

On the other hand, the Film Critics Association Awards is an annual awards ceremony that has honored outstanding films and filmmakers of the year since 1980.

source: daum


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