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Song Hye Kyo’s worst tragedy in “The Glory” is not school violence?

Song Hye Kyo’s worst tragedy in “The Glory” is not school violence?

Most viewers who have finished watching Netflix’s The Glory feel satisfied and relieved. In particular, after portraying the tragedy of main character Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) in the first part, “The Glory” Part 2 focuses on the unbearable pain that her tormentors must now experience.

Of course, Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) and the rest of the “bully gang” were rightly tormented for their past crimes. However, many believe that the worst tragedy in “The Glory” lies in Moon Dong Eun’s mother, Jung Mi Hee, who stabbed her multiple times even though they share the same blood.

Jung Mi Hee could hurt Moon Dong Eun even more than Park Yeon Jin

Jung Mi Hee is a mother who cruelly left her daughter with endless nightmares

During her school days, Moon Dong Eun had to endure hellish school violence. She was brutally tortured by Park Yeon Jin’s group and even burned with a curling iron.

However, instead of providing emotional support and protection to Moon Dong Eun, Jung Mi Hee completely ignored her daughter, even standing up for the people who hurt her. She is the complete opposite of Kang Hyeon Nam, another mother figure in The Glory.

jeong mi hee

In the past, Jung Mi Hee received money from Park Yeon Jin’s family and ruined Moon Dong Eun’s only chance to pay back the perpetrators. Then she left completely, leaving her biological daughter to her fate.

Second betrayal

After spending her life plotting revenge, Moon Dong Eun had to face Jung Mi Hee once again, who once again betrayed her daughter in exchange for money. The cruel mother made Moon Dong Eun lose her job, abused her, ignored her trauma, and constantly teased her without remorse.

It got to the point where Moon Dong Eun, who always kept a calm appearance, had to burst into tears, asking how Jung Mi Hee could betray her again and side with her tormentors.

Hye kyo song
Moon Dong Eun couldn’t contain her desperation

Adding to this, while her daughter suffered endlessly, Jung Mi Hee only cared about the luxuries she bought with Park Yeon Jin’s money. She also hit Moon Dong Eun with a clothes hanger, to the point that her daughter bled.

Nevertheless, even with blood running down her face, Moon Dong Eun’s body couldn’t hurt more than her heart.

jeong mi hee
Jung Mi Hee got a well-deserved end from being in a psychiatric hospital

Bound by blood, Jung Mi Hee hurt Moon Dong Eun even worse than Park Yeon Jin. However, the meaning of “blood” gave Moon Dong Eun the opportunity to seal her mother in a psychiatric ward, giving Jung Mi Hee her well-deserved end.

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