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Soobin from TXT talks about the “T / N moment” he hoped for at IU’s “The Golden Hour” concert

“My boyfriend writes fanfiction in his head 😭”

text‘s Soobin and Beomgyu they became the biggest fans of success when they got tickets to IU‘s The Golden Hour concert.

Beomgyu from TXT (left) and Soobin (right) | @ TXT_członkowie / Twitter

Although 40,000 fans were present, two TXT members were noticed, standing out from the crowd of fans waiting for the amazing and extravagant three-hour concert of IU at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul.

Beomgyu and Soobin from TXT outside the IU concert | @ txtgenleaders / Twitter

They took their fans on a journey, from purchasing tickets, choosing clothes, to honest and complementary thoughts after the show.

Soobin and Beomgyu took to Weverse to share their experiences with fans after the show, filling MOAs with their live time. One fan asked Soobin what IU looks like in real life, and his answer was too related: “Today’s hairstyles and makeup were just wow. Princess.

Soobin discusses the actual IU visualizations | weaver

The TXT leader has long been a proud IU fan, and his reaction to every memory is lovingly tied to every K-Pop idol fan.

Even when he is near the famous solo artist, he cannot hide the fact that he is his fan. During his time as MC he Music bankhe watched closely as IU dances and sings alongside him, continuing to make his dreams come true.

One thought he shared with fans left people surprised and amused at how much Soobin’s admiration for IU is possible.

When a fan asked him about his thoughts on the concert, he didn’t hold back as he unexpectedly shared his hopes for a “y / n moment” with IU.

In a confession that sounded like a cinematic moment, Soobin admitted that he imagined a member of staff approaching him and handing him a microphone to join IU in a duet on stage.

IU on stage at the “Golden Hour” concert | @ IUteamstarcandy / Twitter

This is the moment that other fans have certainly dreamed of themselves, of being highlighted by their idol for a sleepy moment on stage, of being noticed at fan meetings, and even of bumping into them in public.

Fans reacted amusingly to Soobin’s confession that people were referring to the TXT member more than ever.

Read the article below to learn more about Beomgyu and Soobin’s thoughts on the concert!

Beomgyu and Soobin of TXT were the biggest fans of IU in history when they reported to MOA at the “Golden Hour”


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