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Sporting vs Tottenham LIVE: Champions League result and final result as Spurs stunned two late-night goals

Tottenham is gearing up to face Sporting Lisbon as they both want to maintain their winning starts

Tottenham will travel to Lisbon to face Sporting CP in the second leg of the Champions League group stage tonight. Antonio Conte’s side will play for the first time in six days after weekend Premier League games were postponed in respect of Queen Elizabeth II’s departure last Thursday.

Spurs started their European campaign with a 2-0 win over Marseille at home. They were aided by a Chancel Mbemba Mangulu goal early in the second half, but Richarlison had to wait until the 76th minute to break the deadlock. He added a second five minutes later to ensure Tottenham make a safe run to the end of the game and score an important three points.

Today’s opponents, Sporting, also won the first leg, ahead of Europa League champion Eintracht Frankfurt 3-0 away. Marcus Edwards, Francisco Trincao and Nuno Santos found themselves at the back of the net to hold the top of the table tonight in Group D. The winning team will advance to the top of the group with four games to play.

Follow all the action from Tottenham’s journey to Sporting in the Champions League:


GOAL! Sporting Tottenham 2-0 (Arthur Gomes, 90 + 3 ‘) ⚽️

90 + 3 mins: Sporting’s late magic and they score! Arthur Gomes has just entered the field, but receives the ball from the left wing and dribbles around Emerson Royal to get into the box.

He opens the other corner and moves it past Hugo Lloris.


GOAL! Sporting 1-0 Tottenham (Paulinho, 90 ‘) ⚽️

90 minutes: I was wrong! A huge goal for Sporting CP who surely won the game now. Hugo Lloris passes to Pedro Porro, who missed the goal but after a corner, Paulinho hovers over the nearest post and tosses his head into the far corner of the goal.


Sports 0-0 Tottenham

87 minutes: Emerson Royal and Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg switched to the book due to hasty challenges. Spurs only lose a little bit of their composure when this game comes to an end.

Neither team deserves to lose and I don’t think they will lose. It will end goalless.


Sports 0-0 Tottenham

84 mins: Sporting wins the free-kick in the middle of Spurs and is allowed to throw the ball into the box. Home supporters are doing their best to encourage their team to play when Pedro Porro tosses the ball in.

Hugo Lloris comes out confident, calls for the ball, and snaps it out of the air.


Sports 0-0 Tottenham

81 mins: Pedro Porro slams a cross from the right into the center and sends it straight into the hands of Hugo Lloris. One of these teams still has time to score a winning goal, although an away draw would not be the worst result for Antonio Conte’s side.


Sports 0-0 Tottenham

78 minutes: Kulusevski has something to do for Spurs. He was not afraid to take players and bomb next to Goncalves with a right ebut hitting the field.

He wants to pass a pass to Emerson Royal, who comes down in the field under challenge, hoping for a punishment. The referee blows the whistle, but it’s offside against Tottenham.


Sports 0-0 Tottenham

75 mins: Son Heung-min is replaced by Dejan Kulusevski for Tottenham. Can it light something for the visitors? They need it.

He can. Kulusevski comes off on the right and transfers the ball to the sideline, he meets Matheus Reis, who pushes him off the ball and gives the free-kick to Spurs.

Perisic collapses one into a back post, but Sporting thinks it’s bright.


Sports 0-0 Tottenham

72 minutes: The longer this game lasts, the more likely it is to become zero. Trincao is fouled by Hojbjerg as he tries to start a counterattack, but it’s a clever midfielder foul.


Sports 0-0 Tottenham

69 mins: There has been a revival of Sporting as Edwards wins their corner. Pedro Porr throws it into the box and the clearance initially falls on Hidemas Morit at the edge of the area.

He fires a volley back towards the goal, but the shot does not pass through the group of bodies.


Sports 0-0 Tottenham

66 minutes: Edwards has three Spurs defenders as he twists and breaks into the box. He manages to throw the ball towards Sporting’s only other player in the box, but the pass misses Trincao and Tottenham clears the ball.


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