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“Squid Game” actress Jung Ho Yeon is praised for perfectly incorporating Korean culture into her 2022 Emma costume

Actress and model Jung Ho Yeon he had one of the most fierce few years of a Korean celebrity. Starting out as a model, Jung Ho Yeon rose to fame for her role as Sae Byeok in the hit Korean show Squid game.

Since then, Jung Ho Yeon has continued to enjoy recognition and popularity around the world and at global events.

Actress “Squid Game” Jung Ho Yeon | @ hoooooyeony / Instagram

Jung Ho Yeon in “The Squid Game” | Netflix

Recently cast Playing squids made history at the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards. Even before winning the awards, however, the cast shone on the red carpet. Dressed in their best looks, the actors caught the attention of viewers around the world.

As expected, the main event was once again Jung Ho Yeon. No wonder she was described as one of the best-dressed contestants.

According Louis VuittonThe beautifully beaded dress was made especially for Jung Ho Yeon and took her 110 hours with an additional 490 hours for embroidery.

Jung Ho Yeon red carpet appearance | @ hoooooyeony / Instagram

| @ hoooooyeony / Instagram

While it’s aesthetically beautiful, fans were amazed to find out that all the details were on purpose and showed Jung Ho Yeon’s pride in being Korean.

In close-ups from the event and on Jung Ho Yeon’s Instagram, Internet users noticed a beautiful and unique hair accessory in the model’s short hairstyle.

Jung Ho Yeon and her hairpin | @ hoooooyeony / Instagram

| @ hoooooyeony / Instagram

According to the designers, the hairpiece was also made specifically for Jung Ho Yeon, but with Korean influences. For many who are aware of Korean culture, it will be a familiar piece.

It was inspired by chrysanthemum flower petals and incorporates elements of traditional Korean jewelry known as Cheopji. It is a Korean hair accessory that adorns a lady’s bun. For K-Dramas fans in particular, the hairpiece may seem more recognizable, especially in those embedded in the past.

Even before the awards began, the cast of the blockbuster noticed their glamorous outfits and looks. As expected, lead actress Jung Ho Yeon stunned fans from the moment she stepped onto the red carpet.

Jung Ho Yeon at the SAG 2022 awards ceremony | @ squidgamesnetflix / Instagram

However, next door Louis Vuitton A custom dress that took over 210 hours to create, Jung Ho Yeon has revealed that she wants to take a piece of Korea with her to the show and incorporate it into her appearance.

It might not seem obvious at first, but Jung Ho Yeon explained that it was all in the details of her hairpiece. The model was on Daenggi, a traditional Korean ribbon used to tie and decorate braided hair.

We actually made it daenggi. This is a hairpiece that they created for us and for this look.

– Jung Ho Yeon

| TO ME! Red Carpet and Awards / YouTube

Once again Jung Ho Yeon and the cast Playing squids proved how humble and inspiring they are. Regardless of the fame they have achieved, they always appreciate everything and want to show their culture to the world.

You can read more about Jung Ho Yeon’s Korean pride reflecting on global events.

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Source: @ hoooooyeony / Instagram


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