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“Still” the actor who cheated on the girl he dated for 6 years returned after a year thanks to the Netlfix series “Narco-Saints”

Actor Kim Min-gwi, who took a break for moments after being embroiled in a two-time scandal, took notice when he recently showed his face on the screen again.

Controversies over a one-day adventure, two-way romantic relationships, and the use of offensive language

Last July, during the broadcast of JTBC’s drama “Never mind,” controversy arose over Kim Min-gwi’s private life.

A, who introduced herself as ex-girlfriend Kim Min-gwi whom the actor had dated for six years, posted a revelation on the Internet community revealing Kim Min-gwi for a one-night haven while he was in a relationship with her.

Kim Min-gwi

A revealed that the actor cheated on her and had affairs with several women.

According to A, Kim Min-gwi also used offensive language towards her. And he said, “You appear on TV all the time and post on Instagram. Hope everyone knows how selfish you are and that you are such a bad guy.

Kim Min-gwi

Continuation: “A womanizer like you receives love with an image of a conservative and reliable person, which is contrary to reality. You are deceiving the public, “adding,” I asked if he was concerned that his acting career would be compromised if his personal relationships were revealed, but he made me do what I wanted. I wonder if the people who read this article would feel the same way as me, even getting to know the nature and true personality of this guy, or would they still enjoy his TV appearance. “

Kim Min-gwi

Later, Big Picture Entertainment apologized to Kim Min-gwi, saying, “Regarding the controversy over his private life, the actor admits to his mistakes.” In other words, Kim Min-gwi admitted that the allegations that he had had an overnight adventure, cheating and verbally abusing his ex-girlfriend were real.

Kim Min-gwi

Kim Min-gwi also posted a handwritten apology on his Instagram. He bowed his head and said, “It’s true that I hurt a friend who shared many things with me for a long time, and for whatever reason, it’s my fault and I wonder about myself.”

Kim Min-gwi

As the “Whatever” production team tried to cut out Kim Min-gwi’s scenes as much as possible, the actor reportedly took a break for self-reflection.

He appears on Netflix’s “Narco-Saints” and proves his strong presence

Kim Min-gwi

About a year later, Kim Min-gwi starred in Netflix’s “Narco-Saints,” which was recently released on September 9.

Kim Min-gwi played Lee Sang-jun, who disguised himself as a Korean pastor but turned out to be a butler who follows Jeon Yo-hwan (Hwang Jung-min), a Korean drug lord who took control of Suriname by distributing cocaine. He played an important role in the series and showed off his impressive looks and acting.

Kim Min-gwi

According to Flix Patrol’s streaming video ranking website, “Narco-Saints” is gaining immense popularity as it ranked 6th on September 12 on the Worldwide Netflix TV Show Chart.

Viewers can’t wait to see the success of Narco-Saints with Kim Min-gwi, Ha Jung-woo, Hwang Jung-min, Park Hae-soo, Jo Woo-jin and Yoo Yeon-seok.

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