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Stray Kids conclude their “MANIAC” world tour in THESE cities – why are some people disappointed?

On November 7, 2022, JYP Entertainment announced the encore stops and dates for Stray Kids’ Second World Tour “MANIAC”.

Stray Kids’s “MANIAC” world tour, which includes extended fun in Unusual, Circus, and MAXIDENTbegan in April 2022. Even though CASE 143 singers have stretched to stays in several cities, including Japan, the United States and the Asia Pacific, the recent end-tour announcement has caused some fan displeasure.

Which cities were added to the “MANIAC” world tour? More importantly, what caused STAYs to express their disappointment with the announcement of a world tour?

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Stray children to meet the stays in THESE cities for a “maniac” encore – why are some fans disappointed?

After their first world tour, “District 9: Unlock,” in 2019-2020, the relentless boy band JYP Entertainment’s second world tour caught the attention of the public.

As Stray Kids cemented their reputation as one of the fourth generation’s most prominent and powerful boy bands, fans have set high standards for this world tour, not only in terms of stage performances but also in terms of country stops.

(Photo: Twitter || @Stry_Kids)

However, the announcement by JYP Entertainment that the “MANIAC” World Tour would end in Tokyo (February 11-12, 2023), Osaka (February 25-26, 2023), and Los Angeles, California (March 31, 2023) prompted several voices to express mixed responses in the media. social media.

The encore stops had a few negative effects as some STAYs consider concert venues to be exclusive. Since the announcement of the world tour in early 2022, several European and Latin STAYs have expected Stray Kids to include them on the tour.

Stray Kids is not the only artist to face criticism for “world tours”, often selective ones involving only Asian and North American cities.

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After seeing this announcement, here are some of STAY’s international comments:

“JYP never notices how much effort they put into it, Mexico is one of the countries with the most streams and he always ignores it?”

“why are they already showing stages for encores WHAT HAPPENED IN EUROPE? WHAT HAPPENED IN UK? WHAT ???”

“Tbh it’s a bit sad that even Europe didn’t have a tour date, I’m flying with you, but I was hoping that they would at least go to Europe. Anyway, let’s just wait for next year.”

European fans are the loudest on social media as they have set a record “far absent from many of the world’s K-pop tours.” Additionally, European STAYs couldn’t help but express their disappointment as they also want to see Stray Kids take the stage in their hometown.

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Optimism of stays in a sea of ​​criticism

However, some STAY were optimistic about this announcement, congratulating CASE 143 singers on their last tour. Some STAYs shared seating at concert venues and therefore can’t help but remember the boys’ development as artists. From aspiring K-pop idols who competed on the reality show “Stry Kids” to world-class idols who will make music history.


(Photo: Twitter || @hwangsamericano)

As the boys have been seen manually climbing the stairs to fame, STAYs mentioned that the Stray Kids deserve nothing but the exposure they are now experiencing.

In addition, the hit makers “God’s Menu” will also play their two-night concert in Manila, Philippines at the Mall of Asia Arena in March 2023. Details on ticket prices and sale dates will be announced shortly, according to the concert organizer.


(Photo: Twitter || @philconcerts)

Stray Kids was due to visit the Philippines in April 2020, but concert has been suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic

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What do you think about the Stray Kids encore tours? Is your city included? Share your thoughts below.

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