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“Street Woman Fighter’s” Honey J announces the wedding

Honey J, leader of the winning Holy Bang team from MNET’s “Street Woman Fighter”, announced her marriage and pregnancy in a long post on SNS. Read on to see her heartfelt message!

Street Woman Fighter dancer Honey J announces the wedding

On September 15, Honey J published picture – shadows of two people holding hands – on her Instagram. It came with a long message for her fans in which she announced a new milestone in her life.

(Photo: Honey J – Instagram)
Honey J announces the wedding with an Instagram post.

“Hi, this is Honey J.

I’m not used to posting long posts at this point so I’m a bit nervous. However, I wanted to personally announce to everyone the happy news that has recently reached me and share this happiness together, so I’m throwing it in carefully.

I, who have always considered love the most precious, met someone who makes me want to dream about a future together and we made a promise for life. He is someone who always thinks of me first and is filled with love and care. I also want to become such a person for him.

Before the end of the year, we will organize our wedding and take one step towards our common future. I hope you will cheer for my future with my partner who, when we are together, makes me happier than anyone else. We will live happily for a long, long time. “

Honey J not only announced her upcoming marriage, but also pregnancy.

Honey J's

(Photo: Honey J – Instagram)
Holy Bang leader and Street Woman Fighter winner Honey J announces the wedding.

“In addition, I want to share one more happy announcement.

Not so long ago, a new life appeared for two. I will try to meet this precious and small life, which with all my love and sincerity showed me how happiness cannot be expressed in words. Even as I write this, I am moving between feelings of overwhelming joy and responsibility.

I am sincerely happy to share this message with anyone who has sent me love and attention so that I can learn to be thankful every day. Since everyone is an unchanging dancer, I will always remember this feeling, give my back and live a nice life. I am asking for a lot of support and blessings.

Thank you!”

Celebrity friends, fans congratulate Honey J

The public is very pleased with the announcement by the leader of the Holy Bang dance team. Many congratulated the dancer and wished her a happy life.

Honey J

(Photo: Instagram: @__ miód.j__)
Honey J regrets his performance in “Queendom 2”

Idols and other dancers also expressed their wishes to the famous dancer.

Among the few idols who sent their congratulatory messages to Honey J are MOMOLAND Ahin, a former member of SISTAR Bora, and WJSN Exy and Yeoreum.

Of course, the fans congratulated Honey J and poured out their “heart” for the dancer on her Instagram post.

“Unnie, congratulations, be happy”

“I used to like Honey J … Congratulations, really️”

“Wow, I thought” is it April Fool’s Day? !! “HoJ be happy”

“Congratulations Unnie ㅠㅠ please live happily ㅠㅠ”

“It looks like I was in love with Honey J, I feel so strange… seriously, I really wish she was happy. Unnie, congratulations “

“Wow, congratulations, congratulations, live happily”

“She left I live alone and it’s such a shame ㅜㅜ congratulations and be happy”

“Hul Baby, be happy !!”

Congratulations on your wedding and pregnancy, Darling J!

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