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Sunmi to her close dancer Hyunseung: “Have you ever developed feelings for me?”

The soloist of Kpop Sunmi did a funny interview with the star of Single’s Inferno, Cha Hyunseung, who is also her close friend.

Recently, a famous dancer Cha Hyunseungwho appeared in the famous dating program “Single’s Inferno”, appeared as a guest in the program “Show! Interview with Sunmi“.

On the same day, the dancer discussed the dating rumors surrounding him and Boredsaying “Since we’ve been working together for years, a lot of people speculate that we might be getting together. Or believe I have to be gay. But in fact, Sunmi keeps telling me to go out and date someone. But I can’t date her! ”

Hearing this, Sunmi burst out laughing and asked if Hyunseung had ever developed romantic feelings for her, which the dancer flatly rejected.

In particular, he said: “I never. Sunmi is like my stubborn and naughty little sister. Even my family considers her close. They even asked me if Sunmi would come during the holidays and reminded me to wish her all the best as soon as the day came. “

Sunmi quickly agreed to Cha Hyunseung’s answer, explaining: “That’s true. My family cares very much about Hyunseung too. That’s the kind of relationship we have.”

In the past, Sunmi and Cha Hyunseung have often made a splash with their intense interaction and chemistry on stage.


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