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Super Junior Heechul reveals thoughts about having children, marriage

Super Junior Heechul reveals thoughts about having children, marriage

Is Kim Heechul planning to have children in the future? On a radio show, a member of Super Junior revealed his true feelings about building his own family.

Super Junior Heechul is about getting married and having children of your own

In love with SBS FM “Ji Sang Ryul if Hot” which aired on November 9, Super Junior Heechul communicated with the audience as a double DJ on the show.

That day, Kim Heechul answered various questions about himself from fans and listeners. Among the questions he answered, what caught most people’s attention was that he suddenly mentioned his marriage plans.

(Photo: Heechul (Xports News))

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In particular, the topic arose after the listener asked the male idol:

Who do you think will marry first among the members of SBS’s “My Little Old Boy”?

Super Junior Heechul to get married in 2023?  Idol tips in wedding details

(Photo: Heechul (Instagram))

Heechul then chose Kim Jun Ho who is in a public relationship with Kim Ji Min, saying:

“I think Kim Joon Ho will go first.”

It was then that Heechul mentioned why he had not chosen himself and explained:

“Nowadays I go back and forth as a lonely person. I was wondering if I should (get married), but my parents are worried that I’ll be left alone later. “

Super Junior Heechul

(Photo: Instagram)
Super Junior Heechul

Although he is skeptical about tying the knot, Heechul has responded positively to the idea of ​​having a baby. He replied:

“I want to see a child who looks like me …”

However, Heechul also confessed his concern as to why he felt he was not ready to commit yet.

“… but when I get married I feel like I have to change my life. I’ve been going to a lot of weddings lately and I respect them. I just don’t think it’s easy.”

Heechul reveals the sad reality about the weight of an idol, reveals the reason why he does not want to act

Super Junior Heechul reveals thoughts about having children, marriage

(Photo: Heechul (Newsen))

During the course of the radio broadcast, Heechul continued talking on various topics, for example revealing the reason why he maintains a lower weight.

“I gained weight during” Sorry Sorry “Super Junior, so I weighed between 68 and 69 kg. I lost 9 pounds in two weeks on the tofu diet. (But) It’s hard to lose weight these days.

I was 178 cm tall and 63 kg at the medical examination, but recently I measured it at home and it was 67 kg ”.

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(Photo: Heechul (Instagram))

When Ji Sang-ryul praised his current weight and said, “He looks good now,” Heechul Kim spoke the sad truth about the idol’s weight by saying:

“Celebrities shouldn’t look good. You must look sick. This is how you will look good on the screen. “

Heechul is currently promoting as a member of Super Junior doing a lot of hosting / MCing work. When asked if he was considering acting, Heechul honestly replied:

“Suddenly there are offers, but I don’t. I don’t have time for this and I’m happiest working this way. Acting seems to have someone else to act. ‘

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