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Super Junior Lee Teuk met with the Saudi Princess at the World Knowledge Forum 2022, “Planning a tourism business based on collaboration with K-pop artists”

Super Junior member Lee Teuk spoke to Princess Haifa Al Saud as representative of the K-pop artist.

Along with the opening of the World Knowledge Forum 2022 (WKF 2022) on September 20, a session entitled “Meeting with Princess Haifa Al Saud: The future of travel, tourism and culture”Was held at 5:50 pm on the same day at the Jangchung Arena in Seoul.

During this session, Haifa bint Muhammad (the “Princess of Haifa Al Saud”), Saudi’s deputy minister of tourism, shared her views on the future of travel, tourism and cultural exchanges with Lee Teuk. Super Junior.

Lee Teuk introduced, “Greetings from the world’s largest festival of knowledge, World Knowledge Forum. This is Lee Teuk from Super Junior. And today, on behalf of the K-pop artists, I will speak to Princess Haifa Al Saud, who is also Saudi Arabia’s deputy tourism minister. “

Princess Haifa Al Saud said: “Thank you for inviting me to the World Knowledge Forum and I am glad to meet you like this. I am especially glad to be here with you, in Seoul, Korea “adding “The history of Saudi Arabia and Korea goes back many centuries. As we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the strategic partnership between the two countries, this year seems to be more special. “

Lee Teuk asked: “Heard you really love K-pop. So when did you first meet K-pop, princess? ”

In response, Princess Haifa Al Saud said:“I first heard about K-pop from my 11-year-old daughter. When Super Junior went to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and performed in 2019, my daughter got very interested in the show and introduced it to me. I also learned Korean finger heart from my daughter. Saudi Arabia is one of the top 20 K-pop markets, and Saudi Arabia has a lot of K-pop fans. “

Lee Teuk then said: “When I performed in Saudi Arabia in 2019, I was very worried that the fans in Saudi Arabia would have a hard time understanding Korean. However, local fans sang our songs in Korean, learned Korean and even paid attention to Korean food. Thanks to this experience, I felt that the distance between Korea and Saudi Arabia has come closer. “

Princess Haifa Al Saud emphasized: “Most people all over the world, when they talk about Saudi Arabia, they think of oil and deserts, but in fact the core of Saudi Arabia is the people“. She continued, “The Saudis are very nice. I think this kindness is part of our heritage. In addition, 70% of our entire population is under 30, making Saudi Arabia a very young country. And these young Saudis know Korean culture very well. We support young people to be fearless and interested in international affairs ”.

Princess Haifa Al Saud also expressed interest in Lee Teuk’s career. When asked about how he became a representative K-pop artist, Lee Teuk replied: “The most important thing is to face the challenges. I think we should knock on every door until it opens. When I started out as an idol my goal was to be loved in Korea, but now I get so much love from people in different countries. I think I was able to achieve this result because I challenged myself without giving up. “

Princess Haifa Al Saud smiled and said: “I think I know why people like Lee Teuk,”And revealed her idea for a tourism business based on collaboration with K-pop artists.

She said, “I have an idea, what if we could create a package that resembles the path taken by K-pop artists in Saudi Arabia with a strong fandom like Leeteuk? It is a course for visiting the Gold Market in Saudi Arabia, UNESCO heritage sites, etc. I hope this process can strengthen the cultural exchange between the two countries “expressing her wishes.

Lee Teuk then said: “If you make me an offer as an ambassador for Saudi tourism, I will definitely accept it. And if you come on a tour next time, I will be your guide. We are scheduled to perform in Saudi Arabia next January and I hope we can share good places and food together in Saudi Arabia. ” Princess Haifa Al Saud replied: “If you take your time I will book a good restaurant.

Finally, Princess Haifa Al Saud said: “We have prepared a gift to show our culture well. Saudis wear wreaths on their heads. It means Leeteuk’s desire for happiness and health.In response, Leeteuk gave a warm feeling, handing over a box wrapped in cloth, saying it was a gift containing Korean culture.

Haifa Al Saud is a princess of the Saudi royal family and holds the position of Deputy Minister of Tourism of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the largest market for Korean tourists in the Middle East, and the importance of tourism cooperation is growing due to the growing interest and attachment of young people to Korean culture.

As the leader of the popular K-pop group Super Junior, Leeteuk has been loved for his many hits such as “Sorry, Sorry”, “Mr. Simple “,” Miracle “,” It’s you “and” Beautiful Ah “. With his witty expression, he is also active as the host of various entertainment programs.

The World Knowledge Forum, hosted by Maekyung Media Group, will be held until June 22 at Jangchung Arena, Shilla Hotel and DDP. This year’s forum will be held under the slogan “over-recovery:” SUPERCOMPENSA: RESTORING Global Prosperity and Freedom.

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