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Suspected death of an inmate who sued jail for repeating “Baby Shark” as a torture tactic

An inmate who was allegedly tortured with the children’s song “Baby Shark” was found dead in his cell.

The inmate made headlines when he sued Oklahoma County for torturing him by playing Baby Shark in 2019. It found that prison staff forced at least four inmates to listen to “Baby Shark” for hours after they were lined up against a wall.

This incident led to the retirement of a prison lieutenant. Two prison officers in the lawsuit filed by Basco were also released.

On September 11, local time, according to Fox News, John Basco was found dead in his cell. The facility where Basco was killed is controversial due to the successive deaths of his prisoners. This year alone, 14 people have died, including Basco.

Prison officials suggested the possibility of death from drug overdose. Basco’s lawyer, on the other hand, expressed his doubts, saying: “Time is suspect. One of the victims of torture “Baby Shark” is comfortably dead within three days of her arrival.

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