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Suzy “I don’t want my lover helping my friend pick pickled sesame leaves… My current MBTI is ISTP”

Singer and actress Suzy mentioned the MBTI and sesame leaf debate during her food show.

On November 23, a video titled “Tokyo morning” was uploaded to Suzy’s YouTube channel “suzy”.

The video showed Suzy eating breakfast at a hotel in Tokyo, Japan.

Suzy told the staff:I think one person can sit next to me“. The staff elicited laughter by replying: “I’ll figure out my way. You’ll turn me into a squid face if I sit next to you. I can’t sit next to you, Suzy“.

Zuzia youtube channel

Suzy then did a display of eating cups of noodles and natto kimbap. In particular, she put sesame leaves on top of the natto kimbap and ate it in large gulps, pleasing the viewers. Suzy gained attention when talking about the sesame leaf debate:I don’t want my lover helping my friend pick pickled sesame leaves“.

Zuzia youtube channel

When the MBTI story came out, Suzy confessed: “I always get different results. Once INFP, INFJ. This time ISTP. I once got ESFP and ENFP too. I guess it depends on how you feel or what your situation is. But I’m always P. The type of MBTI I identify with the most is INFP and ENFP“.

Zuzia youtube channel

She added, “It always changes depending on the role I play. I got INFJ playing Anna. Recently I have been interested in MBTI tests“.

Zuzia youtube channel

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