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#TaeilDeservesBetter Trends As NCT 127 Releases MV “2 Baddies” Response

SM Entertainment is under attack by NCTzens for allegedly unfairly treating NCT 127’s lead singer, Taeil, as seen in the group’s latest music video, “2 Baddies.”

Accordingly, NCTzens tweeted “#TaeilDeservesBetter” after the release of a video of MV’s reaction to which the male idol was seen as not as enthusiastic as the other members.

NCTzens trend “#TaeilDeservesBetter”

(Photo: NCT 127 – Twitter)
NCTzens “#TaeilDeservesBetter” trend following NCT 127 MV “2 Baddies” reactions

After SM Entertainment released the official video of the 127 NCT members responding to their new MV “2 Baddies”, fans noticed almost immediately that Taeil didn’t seem as happy as the rest.

NCTzens said this may be because the lead singer has almost zero screen time in the new music video.

Fan noted that his appearance in “2 Baddies” only took 7.4 seconds, while “more popular” members such as Taeyong and Jaehyun had 30 and 23 seconds respectively.

As a result, fans created a hashtag to show support for Taeil.

The hashtag has reached nearly 100,000 tweets and has never left popular topics in the Twitter music category.

One fan said they would not let the abuse go away as Taeil was treated like a dancer and singer when in fact he is an important member of the group.

Another tweet picked up his reactions to the video and said that although the idol looked like he was going away, they knew he was upset, saying the singer was not his ordinary self.

NCT Taeil

(Photo: Instagram: @ mo.on_air)

Another tweet, with nearly 900 likes, stated:

“It doesn’t make sense that Taeil is spending the time and effort recording the really early / late hours scenes so that they can be trimmed to less than 8 seconds or even less. His last roll (video) has more seconds than the time on the TV screen … # Taeil Deserves Better “

Some NCTzens have also indicated that this is not the first time this has been done to Taeil.

During the return of Favorite, Taeil said he was excited about the music video, but fans were disappointed as his screen time was minimal.

NCTzens Bombard YouTube Channel NCT 127

Even comments about the YouTube music video’s reaction are mostly about NCT 127’s lead singer.

NCTzens express their frustration at the alleged unfair treatment of an idol by saying:

NCT Taeil

(Photo: Instagram: @ mo.on_air)

“Taeil deserves better. Seeing his disappointed expression breaks my heart. We all know how hard you work, Taeil, and we’re going to shout it loud and clear for Sm to treat you better. We love you Moon Taeil and of course Doyoung deserves better too. “

“I’m glad Taeil didn’t hide his disappointment. It is important that SM respects ALL of its members. Taeil has one of the most beautiful voices of her generation. The face of an angel needs to be more present in the returns. Top notes. It is important to balance the lines for your members. We’re excited about this new album, but we’re OT9, everyone has to shine. NCT127 we love you. “

What are your thoughts on this situation?

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