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#TattoosForBangtan: 20+ BTS tattoos created by ARMY for Bangtan

BTSSeven members of the team tattooed the number “7” to commemorate their eternal bond. Now ARMY all over the world are sharing their meaningful, BTS-inspired tattoos with Twitter hashtag #TattoosForBangtan. Here are over 20 of them!

Jungkook BTS

1. Words of wisdom

This ARMY tattooed BTS number seven, the text from “Answer: Love Myself” (“Even the scars made by your own mistakes mark your constellations“) And the words from” So far away “(“I only live because I cannot die“).

2. Eternal HYYH era

BTS and ARMY will remember this beautiful moment in their lives forever.

3. “Heartbeat”

This gorgeous tattoo features the BTS space whale and the planet from the music video “Heartbeat” along with BTS’s distinctive color purple.

4. Mission failed?

It’s so cute!

5. “And you will be happy … ”

6. This tribute to J-Hope

7. With BTS and ARMY, you never walk alone.

Only ARMYs will truly understand this highly creative body art. It combines several references to BTS and their music, including the group’s debut date (June 2013), the logo and the whale “Whalien 52”.

8. Like RM, this ARMY is a “moon child”.

9. The most beautiful moment in life meets LOVE YOURSELF

This tattoo combines a flower that resembles the smeraldo flower drawn in LOVE YOURSELF album cover style i HYYH.

10. “Be happy”

Why have one tattoo when you can have four? This ARMY tattooed “love yourself “,” be happy “,” 00:00 “, and BTS “7.”

11. Did you know that tattoos under UV light are something?

(We didn’t do that!)

12. Flowers of the birth of BTS

If you want a BTS tattoo that is subtle consider the BTS birth flowers.

13. Go big or go home?

If you think subtlety is overrated, you may fall in love with these bold tattoos that the tattoo artist @Apple pie created for customers.

14. This ink is inspired by Jimin

15. Ode to “Outro: EGO” by J-Hope

16. The personal galaxy of this ARMY

17. “Euphoria”

18. “Black Swan”

19. Giving WINGS to each member

20. This stunning tribute by AGUST D

21. Lantern “FALSE LOVE”

22. “Sea”


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