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Texas Governor Greg Abott sends two migrant buses to the home of Kamala Harris

Two migrant buses sent by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, carrying 75 to 100 people, arrived outside Vice President Kamala Harris’s house in Washington.

According to Fox News Digital, the buses arrived on Thursday morning after they left Del Rio, Texas.

The Naval Observatory, the Vice President’s designated residence since 1974, is located in northwest Washington.

Migrants were picked up at the Eagle Pass, which, like Del Rio, is located along the border with Mexico.

Fox News Digital reported that migrants came from Venezuela, Uruguay, Colombia and Mexico. A conservative selling point said some migrants said the border was open.

The buses arrived in the US capital shortly after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent two planes carrying migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, an island off the coast of Massachusetts on Wednesday.

In an attempt to pay attention to border control, right-wing governors are sending migrants to progressive areas.

Fox News Digital reported that a member of the Sanctuary DMV had arrived at the scene, telling migrants that they would go to a church in the area.

The DMV Shrine describes itself as “a voluntary solidarity group that resists politics” [and] internship for immigrants in DC, Maryland [and] Virginia “.

Group member Marla Bustillos told Fox News Digital that “they have been at Union Station since 6am waiting” and “just heard 20 minutes ago that this was the drop-off.”

“We’ve already set up a church and … a safe location so they can tell us where they need to go, where they have relatives,” she added.

Ms Bustillos said she was “surprised” to see the media on the scene “before we could get in here”.

“So the press knew the location in front of us, some volunteers … it’s very frustrating,” she said. “We will make it happen, but it takes a lot of resources, a lot of effort.”

Mr. Abbott has shipped large numbers of buses carrying migrants to Democratic-led cities such as New York, Chicago and Washington.

Last week, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser declared a state of emergency, providing funds to respond to the influx of migrants brought in from Texas and Arizona.

The funds will also be used to establish a Migrant Services Office (OMS) that will provide temporary accommodation, medical care, transportation and other services.

DC council member Brianne Nadeau blames the plight of the Republican leaders of Texas and Arizona.

“So it was said, but it’s worth reiterating that the governors of Texas and Arizona triggered this crisis. And the federal government has not taken action to help the District of Columbia, she told the press last week. “So we, along with our regional partners, will do what we’ve always done. We will rise to the occasion.

More than 9,400 migrants have been sent to the capital since April, according to Mr. Abbott’s office. It is estimated that Arizona sent 1,500 people to Washington.


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