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The 17 most handsome and beautiful K-pop idols, according to the Japanese

Every K-pop idol is beautiful, but the Japanese believe that these 17 idols deserve the highest rating for looks!

The K-pop genre is loved by people all over the world, especially in Japan. Some of the first stars to pave the way in the country include BoA, TVXQ, JYJ, SHINee and others.

(Photo: Tzuyu, Jin (Instagram))

While the influence of the genre is growing day by day in Japan, a survey was conducted in the country to determine the visual preferences of Japanese teen idols.

Earlier, the Japanese community organized a poll in search of the most handsome and beautiful Korean idols. While questionnaire20,804 Japanese teenage men and women participated in the voting for the most handsome and beautiful Korean idol.

Top 7 cutest K-pop idols according to Japanese teens

BTS Jin, transformed into a fisherman... The visualization of

(Image: Twitter BTS)


When asked “Who do you think is the most handsome Korean male idol?”, the number 1 idol chosen by the Japanese is BTS Jin.

Jin, the oldest member of the boy band, especially attracted the attention of Japanese students with his sculptural features and tall height. Jin exudes an artistic appearance, boasting perfect facial proportions and impressive body proportions.


(Image credit: Official Belift Lab Twitter account)


Stray Kids Lee Know

(Image credit: Twitter || @Stray_Kids_JP)

Minho/Lee ​​Know

Meanwhile, ENHYPEN Ni-Ki, who came from Japan, took second place. When he debuted, Ni-Ki attracted attention with his irresistible charm and amazing dancing skills.

Third place went to Stray Kids Lee Know, who is always praised for his handsome and masculine visuals.

BTS V, who used to be ranked #1 on “The Handsomest Men in the World” ranked fourth in the poll.

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(Image credit: BTS V (Vogue Korea))

Jungkook's Dreamers

(Photo credit: Facebook: BTS)

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(Photo: Eunwoo (Instagram))

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(Photo credit: Taemin (Instagram))

For places 5 to 7, BTS Jungkook’s “Golden Maknae”, ASTRO Eun Woo’s “Face Genius” and SHINee Taemin’s “K-pop Ace” also made the list respectively.

Korean fans who came across the survey results agreed with the rankings, saying:

  • “The people we see with our own eyes, no matter where you are in the world, are the same.”
  • “Handsome men seem to work everywhere.”

Top 10 most beautiful K-pop idols according to Japanese teens

Where is Tzuyu?  A TWICE member worries many after missing the E-Daily Culture Awards

(Image: Tzuyu (News1))

In the respective TWICE rankings, Tzuyu topped the beauties list from a Korean girl group selected by Japanese teens.

Tzuyu is already famous for her unrealistic beauty, having been included in the “Ranking of the Most Beautiful Faces in the World” several times. The Japanese described her beauty as “like computer graphics”, which made her extremely popular in Japan.

She was shockingly followed by her fellow TWICE members who seem to be relatively popular not only in Korea but also in Japan.


(Photo: Twitter || @jypnation)

Lisa Jisoo

(Photo: Lisa, Jisoo (Instagram)

Sana took second place and Mina, known for her elegance, took third place.

Jihyo, Momo and Nayeon placed fourth through sixth respectively. As for Dahyun who is loved for her thousand image and fair complexion, taking eighth place.

TWICE’s sister group in Japan, NiziU, also has a member on the roster in the form of Ayaka Arai.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Jisoo placed 9th and 10th, respectively.

Do you agree with these lists? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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Written by Eunice Dawson.


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