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The 2022 Popular Arts and Culture Award honors director Park Chan Wook, late actress Kang Soo Yeon and actor Song Kang Ho

The 2022 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards ceremony, the most prestigious government award in the field of popular culture and arts, was held on November 24 at the National Theater of Korea at the Haeoreum Grand Theatre. Organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Park Bo Kyun) and hosted by the Korea Creative Content Agency (Director Cho Hyun Rae), the “Korean Popular Culture and Arts Award” has been awarded annually since 2010.

The Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism selected 28 nominations in 4 categories, including ▲ Order of Merit for Culture (5), ▲ Distinction of the President of the Republic of Poland (6), ▲ Distinction of the Prime Minister (8) and ▲ Distinction of the Minister of Culture, Sport and Tourism ( 9).

The Eungwan (Silver Crown) of the Order of Cultural Merit, the highest honor of this year’s ceremony, went to the winner of the Cannes Film Festival Director’s Award, director Park Chan Wook for “Decision to Leave” and the world’s first Korean actress Kang Soo Yeon, who made her debut in 1969 at the age of 3 and won the Best Actress award at the Venice Film Festival.

Awards in Popular Arts and Culture 2022

Actor Song Kang Ho, who won the Best Actor award at the Cannes Film Festival for his role in “The Broker”, Park Jin Sook, who wrote popular dramas such as “Son and Daughter” after his screenwriting debut in 1987, and Heo Young Man, who has created countless comic books that have been made into various movies and dramas such as “Mr. Q”, “Bridal Mask”, “Tazza” won the Bogwan (Precious Crown) of the Order of Cultural Merit.

Awards in Popular Arts and Culture 2022

After winning the Song Kang Ho award, he said: “I’m so nervous I want to go to the bathroom. It is an honor to receive such a large award in front of so many artists that I respect and admire. There are times when life is good, but there are times when it is hard. It’s still the same nowadays. If my acting can be a small consolation to you, I’ll try to be an actor who can do it.” He said.

6 winners were announced for the presidential award, including ▲ voice actor Hong Seung Ok, ▲ performer Byun Sung Yong, ▲ actor Kim Yoon Seok, ▲ singer Kim Hyun Chul, ▲ writer Park Hae Young, and ▲ music director Bang Joon Seok.

Awards in Popular Arts and Culture 2022

8 people/teams received the Prime Minister’s Award, including ▲ actor Lee Sung Min, ▲ singer Jang Pil Soon, ▲ comedian Park Myung Soo, ▲ singer (band) Jaurim, ▲ director Yeon Sang Ho, ▲ producer Kim Ji Jeon, ▲ singer Zico and ▲ writer Kim Jung Eun.

Awards in Popular Arts and Culture 2022

The award of the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism was won by 9 people/teams, including ▲ voice actor Kim Young Sun, ▲ musical actor Kim Sun Young, ▲ producer Han Seung Won, ▲ actress Jeon Mi Do, ▲ comedy actor Hong Hyun Hee, ▲ choreographer Aiki, ▲ singer Paul Kim, ▲ singer (band) Tomorrow by Together and ▲ singer (band) aespa.

2022 Popular Arts and Culture Award

At the awards ceremony hosted by announcer Jang Ye Won and actor Park Sun Ho, representatives of popular culture and art representing the Korean Wave, including choreographer Aiki, dance company HOOK, Oh My Girl Yoo A and Paul Kim, performed various celebratory performances.

source: myday


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