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The 6 K-Pop songs you had no idea were sampled from other songs

Sampling is common in K-pop because artists look for inspiration in other works. While some are obvious, others are more discreet. Here are six K-pop songs you didn’t know about!

1. IVE – ‘Po LIKE’

This may be common knowledge for dives, but it may be new to some!

IVE’s latest comeback, “After LIKE”, a sample of Gloria Gaynor’s 1978 hit “I Will Survive”. If you listen to instrumental instruments, you will surely hear them!

“After LIKE” draws a lot of influence from EDM, house and disco music, the latter of which appears in the samples “I Will Survive”.

2. ENHYPEN – “Go big or go home”

Even ENGENE may be surprised to hear that ENHYPEN’s track “Go Big or Go Home” is sampled!

“Go Big or Go Home” is a sample of Robin S’s 1993 single “Show Me Love.” If you listen closely, you’ll hear another riff of a 90’s classic on ENHYPEN’s b-sidetrack.

This song is loved by the fans for how it resembles an old school dance sound. This type of music was popular in South Korea half a decade ago and is now experiencing a renaissance.

3. TWO TIMES – “Cry for me”

ONCE it may surprise you! TWICE’s special single “CRY FOR ME”, which was released in 2020, is actually a sample of another song!

“CRY FOR ME” samples a song from 1971! Which song? “Wild World” by Cat Steven.

The flow of the song is very similar to the chorus; in fact, they have the same melody and chord progression! However, TWICE has a more dramatic character to the song while Cat Stevens is a bit calmer. But both songs are about broken heart and love.


“ADIOS” is often considered to be EVERGLOW’s representative song as it is probably their most famous release.

But did you know a song is sampled from another song? “ADIOS” samples Trooper’s 2018 song “Destin”!

You can hear it in the last part of “ADIOS” where the girls sing “La la la” while taking a dance break. This exact part is heard in Destin. The other parts of “ADIOS” are very similar to the song from 2018.

5. Generation of girls – “To the New World”

Girls’ Generation debut song, one of the most recognizable debuts of all time, has also been sampled!

In 2007’s Into the New World, Don Henley’s The Boys of Summer was sampled. which was launched in 1984.

This may be new even for old school SONE! “Into the New World” includes an interpolation of “Summer Boy”. The sample can be heard in the intro part of the song and throughout the song “Into the New World”.

6.aespa – “Dreams come true”

This is another song most people may already know but too iconic to miss!

aespa released “Dreams Come True” in 2021 as a remake of the SES song that was released in 1998. aespa is not the first artist to cover a song; in fact, Girls’ Generation and Red Velvet have also performed “Dreams Come True” in the past.

The song is a remake of “Like a Fool” (actual title is “Rakastuin mä looseriin”) by Finnish girly group Nylon Beat. The song was released in 1996. In the SES version, the instrumentation remains identical, while in the aespa remake there are more changes.

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Did you know these songs are remakes? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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