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The creative director of the BLACKPINK “BORN PINK” tour reveals what it’s really like to work with YG Entertainment

She spilled a lot of TMI about the tour!

When it comes to K-Pop, internet users love nothing more than hearing about what it’s like to work with groups and companies.

Recently someone I work with BLACK PINK and YG Entertainment spilled over their experiences.

Members of BLACKPINK | @sbskpop/Twitter

The members recently completed the Korean and American leg of the tour and gained recognition for their performances in front of thousands of fans.

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

Creative Director BORN PINK show host Amy Bowerman recently gave an interview and talked about her involvement with the show.

| @amylouisebowerman/Instagram

Along with the differences between Western and K-Pop shows, she apparently didn’t have enough praise for YG Entertainment for their commitment.

Speaking about the company’s decision to use a Western company, Amy explained that the YG team members were truly amazing while she was part of the team.

At home they have everything they might need. Their team is amazing; an all-female production team that was amazing to be part of.

— Amy Bowerman

| @amylouisebowerman/Instagram

Amy went on to describe the diversity within the YG Entertainment team, praising the company for having members from all over the world with expertise in many different fields.

But many members of YG are mixed – their band is American, their music director is American, and we live in London. These girls have many different interests, draw from many different narratives, are in the fashion world, have many musical references – it made sense that all these people were brought together.

— Amy Bowerman

| @amylouisebowerman/Instagram

Along with the staff, Amy also shared what it’s like to work with the members themselves. For her, it was a collaboration of many different minds that created an unreal atmosphere.

It felt like a huge collaboration; a lively hive of throwing ideas around, seeing what works, sitting down with girls and watching them try to push each other in different directions.

— Amy Bowerman

| @amylouisebowerman/Instagram

No wonder both BLACKPINK and YG Entertainment show their diversity and commitment to creating something magical for BLINKs. Despite being so large, they seem to make a good impression on those they work with.

You can read more in the interview below.

The creative director of the BLACKPINK tour sees a fundamental difference between K-Pop concerts and Western artists



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